04:13 GMT15 April 2021
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    The mainstream media’s coverage of Syria is an "unprecedented lie at a global scale," said Pedro Garcia Hernandez, journalist from Cuban news agency Prensa Latina.

    According to him, while some media outlets and Western politicians accuse the Syrian government of ceasefire violations, Syrian President Bashar Assad and his allies are putting maximum efforts to bring an end to the war.

    "An information campaign launched against the Syrian government and Russia once again proves that the United States and its allies support terrorists in the Middle East," Hernandez told Sputnik Mundo.

    The journalist also suggested that concerns of those "sponsoring militants in Syria from abroad," is related to the fact that after terrorism is defeated they could tell the truth about the situation in Syria.

    "As for video clips of Aleppo residents 'scared' of the Syrian Army, they are also a lie. I’m working in Syria and I saw the life of Syrians in the part of Aleppo controlled by government forces. The army did a lot to help people. At the same time, in the areas controlled by militants conditions for civilians were unbearable," Hernandez said.

    He suggested that attempts to "demonize" Russia’s actions in Syria are part of this disinformation campaign.

    "Russia’s presence in Syria was authorized by the government while presence of other countries, for example the United States or Turkey, in Syria is not legitimate. They’re pursuing own goals there," he said.

    "Western media and politicians are hypocritical about civilian victims in Syria. I saw militants firing a missile at a hospital in the center of Damascus. They also destroyed a school there. These were civilian districts. But mainstream media ignored that," Hernandez said.

    On Thursday, Moscow called on UN institutions to stop being part of the "Western propaganda campaign" against Moscow and Damascus.

    "We consider it a completely unacceptable situation when some senior members of the Secretariat of the United Nations are part of a propaganda campaign launched by some Western countries aimed at discrediting the anti-terrorist efforts of the Syrian authorities and the Russian Aerospace Forces," the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

    According to Russian journalist and political commentator Alexander Khrolenko, the main reason behind the Western media hysteria about the situation in Syria is the fact the West is losing the fight against the Syrian government and President Bashar Assad.

    "A US-led coalition is losing ground in Syria. For five years, Washington and its allies have been using opposition forces and jihadists in an attempt to topple Assad," Khrolenko wrote in a piece for RIA Novosti.

    Earlier this week, the Russian Defense Ministry said that video clips of alleged “Russian airstrikes, firing squads, other staged violence scenes” in Aleppo were fabricated by militants.

    "All Western statements with reference to 'posts of activists' and movies about alleged 'Russian airstrikes,' 'firing squads' and other staged scenes were filmed by special TV groups comprised of militants. It remains a big question why some media used it without checking the source. Some advice – do not believe the propaganda of the terrorists," Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said.

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