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    A billboard showing a pictures of US president-elect Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin is seen through pedesterians in Danilovgrad, Montenegro, November 16, 2016

    White House Claims Trump Aides Bankrolled by Kremlin

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    White House spokesman Josh Earnest accused Donald Trump and his top aides of enjoying lucrative connections with Russia, effectively implying a conflict of interests.

    The White House appears to be dedicated to its stalwart campaign to ferret out any traces of Donald Trump and his team secretly conspiring with Russia, no matter how imaginary they are.

    During his daily briefing on Monday, December 12, White House spokesman Josh Earnest insisted that Donald Trump and some of his top aides allegedly enjoy lucrative ties with Russia or even directly receive money from a "Russian propaganda outlet."

    "It was the president-elect who refused to disclose his financial connections to Russia. It was the president-elect who hired a campaign chairman with extensive, lucrative, personal financial ties to Russia. It was the president-elect who had a national security adviser on the campaign that had been a paid contributor to RT, the Russian propaganda outlet," Earnest declared.

    While the spokesman opted not to name any names in his accusatory speech, it is not hard to deduce that the "campaign chairman" in question is Paul Manafort, a one-time advisor to the former Ukrainian president Victor Yanukovich, while the "national security adviser" is Ret. Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency.

    It should be noted that Manafort was earlier accused by Ukraine’s National Anti-Corruption Bureau of pocketing some $12.7 million worth of 'black cash' supplied by corrupt Ukrainian oligarchs. However, the agency was subsequently unable to provide any evidence of these alleged wrongdoings, and Nazar Kholodnytskiy, head of the Ukraine’s Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, had to admit that so far no reason has been found to hand Manafort a notice of suspicion, RIA Novosti points out.

    Meanwhile, Michael Flynn did indeed appear as a guest on RT and even attended the RT anniversary event in Moscow, where he was seated next to Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. Nevertheless, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov made it clear that Putin and Flynn did not engage in lengthy conversations of any kind.

    RT was less than amused by the accusations brought forward by Earnest against both Flynn and the news agency, and decided to clarify the issue in no uncertain terms.

    "We are rather amazed at the misinformation peddled by White House press secretary Josh Earnest. At no time has General Michael Flynn ever been a paid contributor to RT. General Flynn has appeared as a guest on our award-winning news network, alongside many international experts who respond to our invitation to share their views," the news channel's press office stated.

    It remains to be seen whether the Obama administration will continue to push forward these claims.


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      It's insane to think that such a corrupt dis functional nation could be a leader of nations.
      It was a proven failure and it is awesome watching it crumble.
      Burn baby burn, reap what you sow.
    • avatar
      Of course. Just show the trail. OH wait!!!!

      Putin have a transporter to send the cash at OVAL OFFICE!!!
      NO is not connect to SWIFT ..Perhaps to Ru-swift? Putin send daily a few trillions around the world. this way...
    • avatar
      All that in the name of a so-called American Democraty ! Look a going-out president (Obama) who feels obliged to continue a shamefull fightback rather than to mind terminating his mandate in dignity ! What a disheartening sight ! Isn't all that devised just to ridicule the Black People (Obama is considered a black man, isn't he ?) wherever they are ?
    • avatar
      double bonus
      They just can't help it. Democrats will push their invalidated world views
      on everyone, even after they've lost, and their false paradigm has already
      been overturned by the voters. Who are the REAL dictator's now?
      This is just sick, genuinely sick.

      Here is a man in a high position in 2016 talking just as though it were 1958.

      Now, he could not do this without a nod from Obama.

      So here is an outgoing President castigating his successor in public, throwing rumors and innuendos at him without a shred of evidence, because, of course, if he had any evidence he would produce it, and in dramatic fashion.

      Decent people do not do these things.

      But a man who is responsible for deaths of several hundred thousand in Syria, Libya, Yemen, and elsewhere is anything but decent.

      I do not think most people in the West have yet quite understood what a low-life Obama is.

      People like the smile and the baritone voice, and of course they are largely ignorant of his mass killing.
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      Apparently taking money from Saudi Arabian(the most tyrannical , freedom hating , terrorist supporting governments, kings is ok but somehow with zero evidence any Russian contacts are evil ! What a bunch of hypocrites and liars and laughingstocks' , unfortunately they've had the power to kill those that don't agree with their unholy ways
    • Anton KOMAROV
      Boring!These morons still cannot understand that their facile attempts are history.It shows a complete lack of thought and resources in terms of people with the ability to think.Just as well they lost the election.
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      jasin reply toJOHN CHUCKMAN(Show commentHide comment)
      JOHN CHUCKMAN, I think it's illegal to use the WH is this way. Obama has turned the WH into a DNC branch office. If it isn't illegal, it is certainly inappropriate for the office of POTUS.
    • avatar
      ntahedasin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      The main problem here isn't the way being legal or illegal. Obama is entitled to behave the way he does since he is a mere puppet of obscur forces. I repeat and maintain that through Obama these forces take opportunity to ridicule and humiliate not only the Afro-Americans but ALL the Blacks around the world. You have here a devilish scheme, haven't you ? Anyone can see the image of Obama displayed on the link russia-insider.com/en/politics/obama-mainstream-media-whine-fest-anti-russian-propaganda-campaign-ba before contradicting me if need is.
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