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    Syrian army soldier places a Syrian national flag during a battle with rebel fighters at the Ramouseh front line, east of Aleppo, Syria

    Syrian Army Declares Victory in Aleppo

    © AP Photo/ Hassan Ammar
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    The Syrian Army has officially liberated Aleppo after ousting rebels from their last bastions in the eastern part of the city.

    Earlier on Monday, the Syrian Arab Army made significant advances leaving only three residential blocks in the hands of anti-government forces. 

    The rebels had little choice but to "surrender or die," Lieutenant Gen. Zaid al-Saleh, director of Syria’s security committee, told reporters in the Sheik Saeed district. 

    ​The Battle of Aleppo lasted more than four years after fighting broke out on July 19, 2012. In 24 hours leading up to the victory, approximately 10,000 to 13,000 civilians fled the city, bringing the total number of refugees up to around 130,000, according to reports.

    After local TV outlets reported the victory, residents flooded the streets, firing guns in the air in celebration. 

    Syrian government television channel Sana showed President Bashar al-Assad congratulating Syrian troops following the proclamations of victory in Aleppo. 

    ​​Throughout the battle of Aleppo, government forces repeatedly urged civilians to leave the area, organizing humanitarian corridors to arrange the safe passage of those who wanted to escape furious street battles. However, terrorist groups fighting in Aleppo forcibly prevented civilians from leaving the area whilst using them as human shields. "Civilians are being used as pawns and prevented from leaving," UN spokesman Rupert Colville said recently. 

    Meanwhile, on Monday morning some 4,000 Daesh militants launched an offensive on Palmyra, Syria armed with heavy weaponry, armored vehicles, and tanks. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov noted the offensive may have been "orchestrated," while former UK ambassador to Syria said the US and its allies "didn't lift a finger to try to stop [the Daesh offensive] happening," despite having sophisticated and well-developed surveillance capabilities that likely could have detected the regrouping of Daesh militants and their vehicles en route to Palmyra. 

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    • Korz53
      Okay, good! Just don’t lose it to ISIS as Palmyra was the other day!
    • Korz53in reply toNoNoNo(Show commentHide comment)
      NoNoNo, Going going , Gone!
    • avatar
      ...THIS TIME! TO A MAN!!! And send the remains to London's Parliament
    • avatar
      I just cannot understand the retaken of Palmyra by terrorists. Why Syria or Russia cannot destroy terrorists tanks from air. It is just mind boggling.
    • Adrienne Adonis
      Thanks to Russia helping Assad the city was taken back from the terrorists. This is a serious blow to the west.
    • avatar
      jasin reply toAsifJan(Show commentHide comment)
      AsifJan, This article has an interesting discussion of various mistakes that resulted in the loss. One has to remember the sanctions on Syria and the incredible strain of over 5 years of war by hideous NATO countries. It's rather a miracle that Syria remains a country at all.
    • avatar
      Thank you Jas for the link. It clears the picture. Seems Syrian Army left everything in the hands of their gods and were just celebrating their March victory.
    • avatar
      Here's a link with more details. I don't remember reading before about the warehouses filled with food from Turkey. en.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13950922001263
    • avatar
      Thanks for link. Good news.
    • avatar
      Congratulations to the people of Syria and their allies, Russia, Iran, Hezbollah.
      Now leave a skeleton army in Aleppo and head directly for Raqqa before the Yankees try to seize control there. Success to you. Today is a great day for truth and resolve. There is no blackmail deal needed now that is called political settlement. The political settlement has already been made by the people of Syria. No more talks about post-assad etc. This victory is well timed, with the movement towards Raqqa hopefully being successful for the Syrian troops and allies, just in time to say goodbye to Obama. His goodbye is for sure, Addad's, well not now, not before Obama leaves office in frustration and unable to filfill one of his "calls" for action.
    • avatar
      Good luck to the government of Syria, and to the Russians who are supporting this conflict.
    • avatar
      Congrats to heroic Syrian people and their allies for crushing us-sent terrorists.
    • avatar
      all humanity can now breathe more easily.
    • avatar
      It is time to bring the killers of Sadam and Gaddafi and other world leader who were sacrificed for the hegemony of the dollar to stand in the accused box.They should answer the world for the crime against the countries.
    • Aris Tsihlis
      A great victory for the legitimate government of Syria and its people Well done to Syria and Russia triumphing over the forces of fanaticism.
    • avatar
      Great News! Thank you Russia.
    • avatar
      armorin reply tonevertheless(Show commentHide comment)
      nevertheless, yes, you are right. The NWO has suffered a lot lately, it will disappear, it has to, Syria: you are congratulated, you carried on, on your own first, until Powerful Russia , your Friend, stepped in to help. Deo Gratias. Russia: THANK YOU. Pres. Putin, you are in History already. May God bless Syria and Russia. May families be re-united this Christmas.
      Gloria in excelsis . Pax hominibus bonae voluntate.
    • The Night Wind
      As one American who stood by Assad, Putin, and the Syrian people for freedom while our own Government-Media Complex worked for Wahhabi oppression: CONGRATULATIONS. Thank you Syria, Iraq, Russia, China, Lebanon/Hezbollah, Iran, Afghanistan, and Egypt: all of whom sacrificed to make this victory possible!
    • avatar
      At last victory for Assad and Putin is a sweet revenge on the Obama regime which orchestrated the civil war 5 years ago to allow Qatar gas pipeline to go through Syria to Turkey and to the EU to cut off Russian Gas supply and hurt Russia's economy. It did not work.

      Now the US main stream media are publishing fake news that more civilians are killed by Syrian troops instead of by the terrorists who imprisoned the civilians and used them as a human shield.
    • Dar...
      Great news indeed but now it gets even harder and more dangerous.

      Securing Aleppo would be next to impossible with current resources. If the Syrian Army sits still and tries to consolidate Aleppo, Daesh will switch tactics and mount suicide insurgency attacks round the clock to cause attrition, like in Baghdad.

      The best defence now for Aleppo is a massive all out offensive on Raqqa. Force Daesh and their western/Saudi handlers into a highly defensive posture to hold Raqqa and their logistics throughout Syria will wither on the vine.

      Good luck and best wishes to Syria and Russia.
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