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    The first Zumwalt-class destroyer, the USS Zumwalt, the largest ever built for the US Navy, leaves the Kennebec River on Monday, December 7, 2015, in Phippsburg, Maine.

    Why US Cutting-Edge Super Expensive Destroyer Loses to Admiral Kuznetsov

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    After much fuss over the alleged engine problems of Russia's Admiral Kuznetsov's aircraft carrier, it is now the most expensive destroyer built in US Navy history, the much-publicized USS Zumwalt, which has been taken out of action due to engineering problems. Military expert Andrei Golovatyuk explained to Radio Sputnik what might have gone wrong.

    Just weeks after its debut, the US Navy's most technologically advanced destroyer, the $4.4 billion USS Zumwalt, has been put out of action due to engineering problems that occurred while it was crossing the Panama Canal.

    The issue apparently occurred on Monday while the Zumwalt was on the way to its new homeport of San Diego where it was to join the US Third Fleet, which is responsible for the Pacific Ocean.

    Also on Monday, the US Third Fleet spokesman Commander Ryan Perry issued a statement saying that Vice Adm. Nora Tyson, commander of the Third Fleet, has directed USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000) to remain at the ex-Naval Station Rodman in Panama to address engineering issues that occurred while transiting the Panama Canal.

    The engine failure of the US Navy’s newest warship resulted in the vessel being towed to the Balboa Naval Station.

    The western media was quick to pick up on the news, noting the irony: as the cutting-edge vessel is being towed, Russia's "much ridiculed" Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier "powers on."

    ​Meanwhile, Russian military expert, Retired Colonel Andrei Golovatyuk has explained to Radio Sputnik what might have gone wrong with the US warship.

    "In its arms race, the US might have missed some very important details, including engineering. And now those are the mariners who experience all those flaws and shortcomings," he told Sputnik.

    The expert noted that the vessel was supposed to have lots of innovations, including a completely new form of ship's head. The vessel is also thought to be equipped with a stealth system which makes it invisible to radars.

    "There were supposed to be lots of innovations, however so far it is nothing but a pile of scrap metal which has not done anything yet," the expert said.

    US Navy Cmdr. Ryan Perry meanwhile has said that "the timeline for repairs is being determined."

    Earlier this week US Department of Defense speechwriter Eric Wertheim also told Sputnik that such setbacks are not unexpected given Zumwalt’s revolutionary design and cutting edge technologies

    "This is the price you pay for innovation and it is unfortunate, but not unexpected," Wertheim, who is author of the US Naval Institutes Combat Fleets of the World, said.

    "It is better to see a news story that says the US Navy's newest destroyer undergoing sea trials had engine failure rather than a story that says engines fail during combat," then he noted.


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      First, its name "Zumwalt", should have been "Some What". Because we set high expectations but Some What, it failed to deliver that expectations. Nowadays, everyone are crazy about stealth that the ship looked more like any regular ships but on an up-side-down position. Not sure if nowadays enemy still lack the tech to detech a super giant ship that going in still necessary an upside down stealthy ship.
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      mzungu in Africa
      best joke I've read so far: Now the US-Navy is going to deploy stealth tug boats to bring the Zumwalt into combat.
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      A very unique destroyer and accomplished at destroying the peoples budget for housing,welfare,infrastructure, and so on. Really a highly successful corporate tool to bled the nation dry before it intended to hand it over to the Chinese Government that owns it.

      As for defending the people yeah right! in 5 years it will be a floating restaurant in Tampa Bay.
    • Dar...
      You're all missing the clever stealth technology that's been developed here. By engineering multiple faults into the design that keep it in port it's guaranteed never to be spotted in combat, just like the F35.

      Something else it shares with the F35 is that it fully supports the gun control movement. It has a gun with no ammo and the F35 has no gun at all. Very liberal.

      This is what you get if you allow an obese submarine to breed with a 1960's apartment block.
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      At 4.4 billion dollars, i would expect the thing to repair itself. Each systems should have been thoroughly tested before being put on the ship then ship should have been thoroughly tested after all the system put in place. Obviously they missed something. Oh well, just take some money from education budget. That should be enough for repairs.
    • Drain the swamp
      Unless they get to the bottom of 911 false flag, GI Jody and like in all soheres of the US military will have no morale, youtube WTC videos will see to it.
    • Dar...in reply topeaceactivist2(Show commentHide comment)
      peaceactivist2, To fully understand the craze for stealth all you need to realise is just how many $$$$'s calling something stealthy adds to the bill.

      There are different takes on stealth though. The Danish Navy, being NATO's 'Guardians of the Entrance to the Baltic' obviously needed very stealthy submarines. They decided the hardest submarine to detect is one you never build. While the Russians are trying to find their hyper-stealth submarines they can continue humanity's quest to create the perfect breakfast pastry.

      You can tell how much importance the US Navy really gives to stealth. They've put missile pylons on the wings of their F35's. Ha, ha, ha.
    • city-zenin reply toDar...(Show commentHide comment)
      Dar..., :-))))
    • city-zen
      The vessel looks very imposant. Wood be good for Hollywood!
    • avatar
      Bottom line is its hard to hide something that huge.
      Between drones, high power binoculars, wave displacement technology and using old style radar there is nowhere that monster can hide.....just a terrible idea that somehow got built.
    • Dar...in reply tocity-zen(Show commentHide comment)
      city-zen, You mustn't laugh at non-existent submarines and non-existent military threat technology. It's the new arms race and Russia is winning!

      Only recently the Swedish Navy was embarrassed to admit their complete inability to detect a non-existent Russian submarine invading their waters.

      Even the huge numbers of American and EU soldiers sent to run around on Russia's borders have so far been completely unable to detect the non-existent Russian Invasion Force!

      Only a huge expenditure in American-made stealthy arms and a total ban on all press reporting can save us in the free world from the insidious, non-existent military threat technology of Russia.

      ...and don't be taken in by Russia dealing with real threats like Daesh. It's just a ruse.
    • city-zenin reply toDar...(Show commentHide comment)
      Dar..., I see through this infowar! That's why what You are writing is so funny. You are right 100%!
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      Antares Prime
      The quality of everything in the US, and the expectation of quality, has been going downhill for more than two decades now. The military equipment will be no exception.

      They don't have the expertise to manufacture anything much in the US anymore, especially complex items such as this one that requires any kind of quality control. Students are graduating from secondary school without even the ability to do basic math, and without the attention span to even read through a full page of text, assuming the full literacy is still there, which it isn't. Engineering? Forget about it.

      The incident with the battleship is just another symptom of civilizational decline. It has taken hold throughout Western civilization, and it manifests itself in every sphere.
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      The design was not meant for floating but rather to be still on ground - in Moscow.
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      To quote a senior officer of the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army Navy when asked about the Zumwalt, he said; "I have never seen a ship yet that cannot be blown up with TNT". New advances in radar systems such as X-Radar is making stealth technology obsolete as we speak.
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      Crowbarin reply tohopscotch64(Show commentHide comment)
      hopscotch64, The senior officer must have been very ,very old as TNT hasn't been used as the main ingredient for over 100 yrs. It was used in WW1 as the standard.Although a few old TNT torpedo's were used against German u boats in WW2 they did little damage although hard to believe.TNT is only a small percentage of the mixture in torpedoes since WW2 and is only used now due to being very stable to shock.So the only reason there is a little TNT mixed in now is to make the torpedos safer.Sounds like the senior officer should have known that. Also X-radar is not 1 radar but most cases 3 different types ,2 common types then the X-radar doesn't find but varifies there is really something there. Meanwhile the stealth ship is not the main echo anymore but the barrage of incoming missiles will be dominating the screen of the slower 3 stage radar system. Besides countermeasures are already in place the X-radar is basically cumbersome and obsolete due to countermeasures as the kill chain is broken easily on these then a couple anti radiation missiles will finish it off.Or ship SM-6s to greet it with.They did spend too much on it but it will see other well before maybe being spotted or at all.
    • Wally T
      We in the USA have heard of the 5 Billion Dollar, Scrap Iron floating piece of worthless crap, USS Zumwaldt! All the many High Technology Computer Chips to build the ship came from China. China put (Back Door-Kill Switches and Control Bugs) in their Computer Chips that they sold to our USA Military Contractors! When our new HIGH Technology ship passed through the Panama Canal on it's way to he South China Sea, China simply sent a signal and disabled it, making it a floating piece of $5 Billion of JUNK!
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      Compare this story to another story here on Sputnik about how Russia has developed a type of antennae/coating that will make submarines invisible to sonar. Consider the different costs, levels of reliability, time involved, the differences at every level. Then decide which is most likely to be the most effective.
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      The bow is a give away of plans. No one in is right mind will go head on in cape Horn seas with that. The lift, required, is not there ones needed. Gives away a secret. This vessel, war, can operate from below waves. Leaving, drugs aside, brains at work an result. Explaining exceptional.
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