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    A life-size replica of the most powerful detonated nuclear bomb in history, better known as the Tsar Bomba, will be displayed at a historical exhibition in downtown Moscow.

    Sunken Treasure? Canadian Diver May Have Found Missing Cold War Era Nuke

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    A Canadian diver has found an object that may turn out to be a famous “lost nuke” from the Cold War era.

    The Royal Canadian Navy is deploying a ship to probe an object recently found by Sean Smyrichinsky near Haida Gwaii, an archipelago some 50 miles to the west of the coast of British Columbia.

    Smyrchinsky reportedly encountered the mysterious object as he was searching for sea cucumbers. He took it for a sunken UFO, as it was strange and huge, about 12 feet long and with monster bolts "bigger than basketballs."

    "It resembled, like, a bagel cut in half, and then around the bagel these bolts molded into it," the diver told the Vancouver Sun. "It was the strangest thing I had ever seen."

    He later asked his crew and local fishermen about what he saw in hopes of finding someone else who had also stumbled upon the unidentified remains. One of the coastal oldtimers suggested that Smyrchinsky could have found the missing Mark IV bomb that was allegedly abandoned by an American B-36 bomber before it crashed in the region back in February 1950.  

    "It was a piece that looked very much like what I saw," Smyrchinsky said. "The plane that was carrying the bomb, it crashed 50 miles south of where I found that object. What else could it possibly be? I was thinking UFO, but probably not a UFO, right?"

    The 10-foot, blimp-shaped nuclear bomb went missing as the B-36 bomber was returning to a base in Alaska on February 13, 1950, after a mission that included a simulated drop on San Francisco. According to the US Air Force, the crew jumped out of the plane after its three engines caught fire but first jettisoned the bomb over the Pacific.

    Experts specializing in unexploded ordnance were invited to investigate and determine whether the object should be retrieved or left where it is.


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