13:54 GMT04 August 2020
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    The latest developments in the world indicate an ever-increasing level of confrontation that is even worse than during the Cold War, political analyst Vitaly Zhuravlev told Sputnik.

    In an interview with Sputnik, political analyst Vitaly Zhuravlev pointed to the latest developments in the world, which he said indicate an ever-growing level of confrontation.

    His remarks came after Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an exclusive interview with the Russian TV Channel First One that Washington's current actions damage Russia's national security.

    Moscow has repeatedly showed "strategic patience" over Washington's unilateral unfriendly steps, but now it's time to admit that drastic changes have taken place in relations between the two countries, according to Lavrov.

    Commenting on this, Vitaly Zhuravlev said that Lavrov's interview can be seen as a message to both the Russian public and world leaders, including those from the United States.

    "His message to the world leaders makes it plain that the Kremlin is ready to take a tough stand. Moscow rejects claims that Russia is a regional power and that its interests can be neglected," Zhuravlev said.

    According to him, Russia makes it clear that it is poised to uphold its interests by all possible means, and punitive measures such as anti-Russian sanctions and NATO's enlargement can't compel Moscow to change its policy.

    Zhuravlev expressed concern about the increasingly alarming situation that he said is currently taking shape in the world.

    He pointed out that "what is happening now is an indicator of an ever increasing confrontation which is even more dismal than the Cold War".

    "In the 1950s and the 1960s, there were certain rules defining how the Cold War was waged, which cautioned against unleashing a military conflict and demonizing political figures. All these rules are being ignored now, in a sign that the situation is becoming more and more uncontrollable," he said.

    Meanwhile, the United States is desperately trying to do something about its fading clout in world politics, according to Zhuravlev.

    "The US is seeking to adapt itself to the situation by creating a sort of integration military and economic associations so that it can lead the international coalitions and ensure its political dominance," he concluded.


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