17:59 GMT +326 March 2017
    The Baltic Fleet Su-27 fighter squadron

    Russian SU-27 Jet Intercepts US Navy Spy Plane Over Black Sea

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    A Russian fighter jet carried out an intercept of US spy plane flying over the Black Sea, according to US Defense officials, cited by the Reuters news agency.

    A Russian fighter jet intercepted a US spy plane flying over the Black Sea, according to US Defense officials cited by the Reuters news agency. 

    The officials said that there were multiple interactions between two aircraft and called the intercept by the Russian jet "unsafe and unprofessional."

    The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the incident lasted about 19 minutes and the Russian Sukhoi Su-27 fighter came within 10 feet of the US Navy P-8 surveillance plane.

    Officials are now reviewing the incident with the pilot to determine whether it should be included in the annual meeting of US and Russian officials about more serious intercepts, the official added.



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      OldOlliein reply toozcanerdonmez(Show commentHide comment)
      ozcanerdonmez, Either you don't understand or you don't respect international waters and airspace. Russia doesn't own the Black Sea. That is international territory, and we have just as much right to be there as anyone.

      It is Russia who is being the aggressor. They have violated US airspace over Alaska and California a number of times. We would have been perfectly justified in shooting down those aircraft.

      The facts are, Putin is a thug, and Obama is a pussy. President Trump won't stand for this crap.
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      OldOlliein reply toPaleRider(Show commentHide comment)
      PaleRider, I disagree. It might not stop the next threat to our aircraft in international airspace, but it would stop the next one after that.
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      OldOlliein reply toAnn(Show commentHide comment)
      Ann, I got that message before I posted a comment. Perhaps the site only tries to screw with users with USA IP addresses.
    • Annin reply toluckys(Show commentHide comment)
      luckys, There is a big difference - Russia has not declared WAR on the U.S., but the U.S. HAS declared it on Russia.
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      OldOlliein reply toAnn(Show commentHide comment)
      Ann, If the "spy plane" is operating legally in international airspace, the "safe and professional" thing to do is to keep your distance and leave them the f*** alone.
    • Annin reply toanne00marie(Show commentHide comment)
      anne00marie, YES, September 11th is approaching, and they've pulled off 3 on that date so far.
    • flatzee
      This is the new song the US has been playing “unsafe and unprofessional” when in fact they're lying and deceiving as usual
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      young.butzin reply toOldOllie(Show commentHide comment)

      The reason why the Russians intercepted the US spy plane it is because the plane turn off their transponder. The Americans really wanted to enter Russian airspace.
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      PaleRiderin reply toOldOllie(Show commentHide comment)
      OldOllie, And then what? Escalation after escalation, then >2 aviators (et al.) get wasted, no one wins in this game of chess, and nothing changes, my original statement stands: stupid behavior begets stupid behavior.
    • Matrix 68
      The P-8 is conducting surveillance of Russian submarines/surface vessels as well as intel/signals gathering. The Sukhoi was a reminder that Russia is watching their every move and will NOT allow them to get closer... the Black Sea is Russia's battle space, period.
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      OldOlliein reply toPaleRider(Show commentHide comment)
      PaleRider, You seem to have an extremely low opinion of Putin thinking he's a hot head who can be goaded into starting WW3 simply by not being his little bitch like Obama is doing. Putin is acting this way because he knows Obama doesn't have the balls to stand up to him. Vlad will keep tweaking his nose to show the Russian people that he's a big shot and to distract them from their failing economy. Just keep them drunk and stupid, and give them something to cheer about once in a while.
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      PaleRiderin reply toOldOllie(Show commentHide comment)
      OldOllie, quite the contrary, you clearly have miss interpreted my message, which was directed at your statement, a senseless scenario if followed. President Putin would no take the bait, too much of a leader and strategist, relative to OBOZO.
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      OldOlliein reply toPaleRider(Show commentHide comment)
      PaleRider, It sounds like we agree more than we disagree. Putin is a bully, and Obama's fecklessness only tends to provoke him. He has no respect for Obama, and he seems to want to take every possible opportunity to humiliate him. If Hillary wins, look for this pattern of behavior to continue.
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      PaleRiderin reply toOldOllie(Show commentHide comment)
      OldOllie, Roger That, however, I apparently have a bit more respect and confidence in Vladimir. More importantly, my friend, Hillary will not win, and Trump and Putin will make rapid progress. Obummer can go straight to. . . , well you know the place!
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      OldOlliein reply toPaleRider(Show commentHide comment)
      PaleRider, I have a lot of respect for Putin. I just don't think he's a very nice person. Just because he can get away with treating Obama like a little bitch doesn't mean he should.

      I'm hoping for a Trump win, but I'm not counting on it. I thought Romney would win in 2012. However, if Trump wins, I think US-Russian relations will improve greatly due to the fact that Trump and Putin respect each other.
    • RedBannerin reply toOldOllie(Show commentHide comment)
      OldOllie, No. But I hope the site recognizes trolls posting from their CIA bunkers...
    • RedBannerin reply toyoung.butz(Show commentHide comment)
      young.butz, You're right!

      There are international agreements, among which both countries can fly reconnaissance missions on the other country's territory. But there are legal steps to be taken before they do it.
      In such missions the Russian aircraft always fly with their transponders on, as it is agreed. The US aircraft always try to play smart asses and do not respect those agreements.

      In those cases, they are obviously intercepted by Russian fighters.
      Which is exactly what US fighters would do IF Russian reconnaissance aircraft were flying with their transponders off, when flying reconnaissance missions close to US territory, as the US aircraft systematically do!

      Of course they are provoking, using the lives of those silly pilots as cannon fodder, hoping someday a Russian fighter will have to shoot a US spy plane down...

      It is really childish, totally irresponsible, to keep doing again and again these provocations. As if they didn't know that a war with Russia would start WWIII, and... the end of all life on this planet!

      I think they know exactly what they are doing. A few real mean, evil, mad people decided years ago to wipe out some 90% of the Human population on this planet. These morons are just trying to implement that evil plan.

      And some ignorant and brainwashed American (and others) people simply can't understand that by supporting these provocative actions, they are jeopardizing their own lives, the lives of their families, loved ones...
      This is not a video game, this is real, with real blood, real dead people!

      Is that what you want? Have you realized what you're defending and promoting and standing for?!...

      Grow up! Be real and honorable men and women, not children, not brainwashed zombies!
    • RedBannerin reply toanne00marie(Show commentHide comment)
      anne00marie, Recently the German Govt announced to the German population to have 10 days supplies of food and water, and be prepared for... whatever.
      Then a few days after that, they increased the initial 10 days warning to 14 days.

      I know this for a fact, even some mainstream media mentioned it.

      Not long ago I got the information (but this one I haven't got a 100% credible, or official confirmation yet) that Finland and the Czech Republic also did the same, warning their populations to keep food and water at home for a number of days.

      So yes, it really seems like some major false flag could be on some mad people's plans.

      You know what? If we the People are aware of this, and we simply state our will that they won't succeed, they will fail.
      These mean, evil, mad, dark "people" (don't even know if they really are people!) can only do what we allow them to do! They can't do it if we are enough People opposing, simply by our will, and non consent, their evil plans!

      If this site, and the huge majority of good People posting here is representative of Mankind... they have already lost, and we have already won!

      The Light is winning and the dark is losing this final war, but we must not give up, we must keep fighting! Informing others, exchanging our knowing of this stuff here, and everywhere else where we can, is absolutely fundamental! So keep spreading the word, there are others out there needing help and advise!
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      chrrevin reply toOldOllie(Show commentHide comment)
      OldOllie, silly yanks should stay in their godforsaken fascist state and stop pretending they can rule the world. they cant anymore.
    • Anton KOMAROV
      I would like to see the USA's reaction if a Russian or Chinese jet was off their Coastline!The tedious same old,same old attitude of the USA and its lackeys to try to legitamise their unacceptable actions.Strange how they are always the one being aggressed but never accept that they initiate the situation deliberately.Really they are showing their complete contempt for International Law and Treaties by this cavalier attitude as if they have the right to behave as they see fit without any other nation having the right to complain let alone react.
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