13:18 GMT20 June 2021
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    This Saturday, Venus and Jupiter will merge in the night sky. This is an extremely rare event as the next similar planet parade will occur only in almost half a century, Space & Telescope magazine reported.

    Similar to other planet parades, Venus and Jupiter will meet not in the literal sense.

    It will only seem to the human eye that both planets merge in one. But in fact they will be separated by billions of kilometers.

    Similar planet convergences are rather frequent, they happen several times a decade.

    However, Venus’ and Jupiter’s “date” occurs surprisingly rare. The next time they will meet will be in in 2065.

    According to astronomers, the parade of planets will begin approximately 20 minutes after sunset in the western part of the night sky near the horizon.

    The plants will come so close to each other that for the “naked” eye it will seem as they merge into a single entity.

    According to scientists, the process of Venus’ and Jupiter’s convergence will be noticeable today and tomorrow’s  at night.


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