14:46 GMT +323 February 2017
    Behrouz Kamalvandi (file)

    Iran to Lodge Protest With IAEA Over Leaked Nuclear Documents

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    Iran will file a protest to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) over leakage of nuclear documents, the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization's (AEOI) spokesman Behrouz Kamalvandi said on Sunday, as quoted by local media.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Last week media published a report based on Iranian secret documents claiming that major restrictions against Iranian nuclear program would be eased in 13 years. This would allow Tehran to update over 5,000 centrifuges and to obtain a nuclear bomb.

    "The parts [of the document] published were confidential and were supposed to remain so… Our assumption is that it has been leaked by the (IAEA) Agency," Kamalvandi said, as quoted by Press TV, adding that Tehran will lodge a protest with IAEA.

    On July 14, 2015 Iran and the P5+1 group of countries – the United States, China, France, Russia and Britain plus Germany – signed a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, which guaranteed the peaceful nature of Iran's nuclear program. Iran agreed to admit IAEA inspectors to locations the agency seeks to verify the absence of nuclear material and activities in exchange for sanctions relief.


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      Why then the talks about NUKES? This makes no sense.
      This was all political. Just like Russia Olympics BULL HORN. Without a single evidence, Israel claimed IRAN was 95% to get nukes.
      Where are the components and infrastructure. ONLY and IDIOT would believe that.

      Besides Turkey have nukes from U.S. So does Israel.
      IRAN could have nukes from Russia. Is all the same.

      Germany is training FSA to take over and re construct Syria. Meaning Germany wants to loan Syria and gain in the re construction. At all this Russia still with, negotiations.. Not understanding that ALL is to benefit west..
      Same happens with IRAN.. Who runs IAEA? GUESS who. Russia owns NOTHING.. HAVE NOTHING..and THAT's how they get away with ANYTHING.
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