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    A fighter of Daesh, also known as ISIL, holds an ISIL flag and a weapon on a street in the city of Mosul, Iraq, in this June 23, 2014.

    Cruel Crusades: Daesh Fighters Given Three Deadly Options

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    Daesh gives three choices to new recruits who want to join as fighters. The choices are deadly both for the fighters as well as for the victims.

    New Delhi (Sputnik) – “‘Mukatil’, ‘Istishadi’ or ‘Al-Inghmasi’ —  these are the three choices available to the fighters in Daesh,” highly placed  sources in the Indian Home Ministry told Sputnik.

    Home Ministry sources said that, “Whenever a new member joins the fold of Daesh they are given three choices. If the fighter wants to serve at the front then they are called ‘Mukatil’, while those who want to serve as a suicide bomber are called ‘Istishadi’ and ‘Al-Inghmasi.’ Jihadists from both categories do not expect to return, however ‘Al-Inghmasi’  are held in highest esteem by the top echelons of Daesh.”

    This modus operandi of Daesh was revealed by Daesh suspects whom Indian Intelligence Agencies have arrested in different locations and they are now in the custody of National Investigation Agency (NIA).

    In fact, these Daesh suspects also disclosed that the Paris and Brussels terror attacks might have been carried out by ‘Istishadi’ fighters. According to them ‘Istishadi’ fighters attack their targets directly and shoot their weapons till the last, sources told Sputnik.

    Indian Intelligence Agency sources told Sputnik that, “Istishadi’ fighters are especially trained to attack their targets non-stop before any counter-operation can commence. ‘Istishadi’ fighters are not trained for abduction or hostage missions. They are trained to finish their assigned mission as quickly as possible and become a martyr.” ‘Istishadi’ fighters are trained to finish their mission particularly in urban areas.

    ‘Al-Inghmasi’ fighters are the echelon of Daesh fighters. ‘Al-Inghmasi’ fighters are assigned the most assignments by the highest authorities of Daesh. ‘Al-Inghmasi’ fighters are a mixture of both ‘Makati’ and ‘Istishadi’ fighters.

    According to Defense expert Qamar Agha, “Both ‘Istishadi’ and ‘Al-Inghmasi’ fighters are Jihadis. They are highly indoctrinated by Daesh to wage jihad in the name of Allah. They consider death as an ultimate path to martyrdom.”


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