20:54 GMT +324 March 2017
    Putting together reinforcement for bridge pillars. File photo

    All Aboard! Russia Builds Bridge to China, Connects With 'New Silk Road'

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    Russia has officially started constructing its portion of a major railroad bridge over the Amur River to China, according to the Chinese news network CCTV.

    The construction of the Russian side of the bridge kicked off on Thursday, the Chinese news network CCTV reported.

    The 2,215-meter bridge will link the city of Tongjiang in China's Heilongjiang Province with Nizhneleninskoye in Russia's Jewish Autonomous Region.

    China started constructing its segment in August 2014 and is now wrapping up the process, according to CCTV. The length of the Chinese segment of the bridge totals 1,886 meters.

    The Russia-China railroad bridge is slated to be completed by June 2018. Once constructed, it will become the main channel of communication for the economic corridor between China, Russia and Mongolia, as well as for the "New Silk Road" route that will be laid across the province of Heilongjiang.

    Trains crossing the bridge are expected to move at a speed of about 100 kilometers per hour, the bridge's capacity totals approximately 21 million metric tons per year.

    The goal is to unite the railway network in Northeast China with Russia's famous Trans-Siberian Railway to form a new single international railway route.

    Despite being twice as large as India, Russia's Far East has a population of less than seven million people. By contrast, neighboring Heilongjiang Province has a population of over 38 million, despite being smaller than Spain.


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      The difference is similar to that between the US and Canada...and the same way, most Russian population in the Far East is next to the border (South) while the same doesn´t happen in the Chinese side (Northern districts of Heilongjiang) So, in border areas, next to the frontier, the demographic difference is not so relevant.
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      Giving lands will help a lot. Also opening ports. Stimulant parties? Kuril's will be well populated, specially is parties done every weekend. And cruise ships around the area.

      Russia should have baby events!!!! Where women that get pregnant that month of the year receive some cash.
      Russia have 30 days vacations. Why? Some west adviser said that BULL HORN? 1 week is norm ..
      married couples should get 10 days. Add 5 days per extra baby. Or 3 extra days to a max of 30 days...TO WORK!!!
      A stimulus per baby on taxes also help. Russia should allow academia to begin experiments, to restore lost lands, to ocean and ice. Some cover that could be placed using ships. And it becomes ocean bottom. Once all lands restored, add giant rocks. And a sub for tourism.
    • i heard about this a while ago, and it seemed like the Russians were hesitant because of Chinese Migration fears?
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      The septics aint gonna be happy with this news. GO RUSSIA. GO CHINA.
      Crash the usd. Bankrupt the usa.
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