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    America's three most powerful lobbying groups try to prevent Russia and the EU from developing a strategic partnership, according to prominent expert Jean-Bernard Pinatel

    Cold War Cabal: Pundit Contends 3 US Lobbies Keep Russia-EU Affairs Chilly

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    America's three most powerful lobbying groups are doing their best to prevent Russia and the EU from developing a strategic partnership, according to prominent expert Jean-Bernard Pinatel.

    Despite the end of the Cold War, the United States hasn't sought friendlier relations with Russia because it wouldn't be in the interest of America's three main political lobbies, noted geopolitics expert Jean-Bernard Pinatel told the French news website Atlantico.

    According to him, these lobbies also continue to keep Russia and the EU from establishing a bilateral strategic partnership. To this end, they staged a coup in Ukraine and "brought France and Germany to their knees," he said.

    "As for the lobbies themselves, the most powerful and dangerous of them is the military-industrial lobby, mentioned by General Eisenhower during his last speech as head of state," he pointed out.

    Another, he claims, is the Wall Street lobby, which seeks to destroy all commercial barriers hindering the flow of American capital and the activity of businesses at the international level.

    "Finally, there is an Israeli-American lobby exerting an influence on Washington's Middle East policy and seeking to prompt the United States to lend unconditional support to Israel," Pinatel said.

    He added that the primary goal of US foreign policy is to prevent the creation of Eurasia, namely, the establishment of a union or a strategic partnership between Europe and Russia, a purpose that he said is in line with the interests of all the lobbies.

    To fulfil this goal, the United States and NATO are playing on the Eastern European countries' distrust toward Russia, according to Pinatel.

    "It is regrettable that Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande knelt down to US demands. Although any independent analyst can use the facts and come to the conclusion that it was US action that led a coup in Ukraine on February 20, 2014, which in turn finally resulted in the atmosphere of the Cold War, [which has been] used by Washington to deploy a tank brigade in Eastern Europe," he said.

    Washington's confrontation with Russia is in sync with the demands of the US military-industrial lobby, which is poised to constantly increase the defense budget, according to Pinatel.

    However, this situation may soon change because China has started to pose an ever-increasing threat to the economic and strategic interests of the United States, he said, adding that the White House is particularly alarmed about Beijing developing a strategic cooperation with Russia.

    As far as the European countries are concerned, they should stop their military-industrial complexes from influencing government structures. The interests of any sovereign state should be defined by its electorate during a general vote rather than by the lobbies, Pinatel concluded.


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