11:25 GMT27 November 2020
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    The West is perfectly aware of who is funding terrorists, however many European countries prefer putting their trade interests with Saudi Arabia and Turkey, who are playing a duplicitous game, over the fight against terrorism, according to Italian politician Alessandro Di Battista.

    “They claim that they don’t know for sure how the Daesh terrorists' funding is being managed,” Alessandro Di Battista, a member of the Italian Movimento 5 Stelle (the Five Star movement) said in an interview with RT.

    “Can it be possible in 2016, using all the modern technologies, that we are unable to find this out?” he asked.

    “Is this really acceptable or is it just an affront of our common sense?” he continued.

    The politician said that many high ranking officials are perfectly aware of how the militants are supplied with arms and money, who is purchasing their oil and how they are doing it.

    “However many European countries, including Italy, prefer putting their trade interests with Saudi Arabia and Turkey, who are playing a duplicitous game, over the battle with terrorism,” he stated.

    The Italian politician has urged to shut off the air supply to terrorism. Since the attack on the twin towers in New York, the world has spent trillions of dollars on the fight against terrorism, he said, launching unfair wars. However, it has only  resulted in more terrorism, the increased threat of terrorist attacks around the world and terrorists becoming more organized.

    It means, he stressed, that the West is battling terrorism not in Afghanistan, Iraq or Libya, but on its doorstep, And the only way to win is the closer cooperation between all the participants.

    And cooperation with Russia, and using its intelligence service, the politician added, gives the Europeans an opportunity to ensure more sustainable security on the continent and around the world.


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