04:41 GMT +324 February 2017
    North Korean leader Kim Jong Un watches landing and anti-landing exercises being carried out by the Korean People's Army (KPA) at an unknown location, in this undated photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) in Pyongyang on March 20, 2016

    Flag in Flames: N Korea Threatens US With Nuclear Attack in Graphic Video

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    Using computer-generated graphics, video clip titled “Last chance” features North Korea launching a nuclear attack on the capital of the US. Captions say that if Washington attempts another provocative act, Pyongyang will use nuclear weapons without hesitation.

    The video posted on a YouTube channel of North Korean media DPRK Today demonstrates the country's military capabilities and narrates a story of its relations with the US. At the end of the video, North Korea launches a ballistic missile which hits Washington, and the American flag is shown in flames.

    If there are any further provocations from the US, "we will launch a preventive nuclear attack without thinking twice," the subtitles read.

    In January North Korea successfully carried out a hydrogen bomb test, and one month later put a satellite into orbit, violating UN Security Council resolutions and escalating tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

    On March 2, the UN Security Council adopted the toughest sanctions imposed against North Korea in the past decade. The latest restrictions make all cargo going to and from the country subject to inspections and limit or prohibit the nation's export of coal, iron, gold, titanium and rare natural minerals.

    Troops from the United States, South Korea, Australia, Denmark, France and the United Kingdom in March carried out joint large-scale exercises intended to maintain Seoul's military preparedness.


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    Democratic Republic of North Korea (DPRK), ballistic missiles, nuclear attack, United States
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      When the exercises end, he will be pictured on a white horse, as the SAVOIR of N.K.

      BULL HORN. The most powerful bomb that will arrive to U.S is him. That when his pass the air the smell, will get people real sick.
      I still trying to figure is how he tested a bomb, and no way to trace it. REALLY?

      Maybe he was seating at the throne, " TOILET" when the test went off...

      They went running. ..." Did you felt that? "... " Yes, Let's threaten Obama". Watch the Napoleon picture on a horse with him instead.
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      Kim needs to lay off the donuts
    • FlorianGeyer
      I did rather enjoy the music and despite North Korea's military shortcomings , they do have a massive and potent artillery force. Enough to devastate a lot of South Korea and the US troops who are there.
      Like them or not, history has shown that any nation without nuclear weapons is a sitting duck for the US Military.
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      jasin reply toFlorianGeyer(Show commentHide comment)
      FlorianGeyer, I agree. I think it is rather reckless to taunt NK like the US and South Korea do. NK can do some damage and it's much wiser to talk to them instead of constant provocations.
    • Red Dawn
      Long live North Korea.
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      The question here is, if this conflict escalates to a full blown war, what would US do?
      Can it try to save its colony South Korea while risking its continent getting blown up?

      Those MLRSs lined up right behind the DMZ can cover almost half of South Korea.

      You just don't know how many nukes North Korea has. Some says 300 ICBMs and folks don't make ICBMs only to have conventional warheads. Then 300 nukes and more considering Hwasung-14 carries multiple warheads. With enormous natural uranium reserves North Korea has, maybe thousands nukes?

      That one in the video is a SLBM. How many countries have a SLBM capability? Russia China, US, France?
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      Geography is the key! The DPRK situated with borders with China and Russia makes an invasion almost unthinkable by the US/NATO/South alliance. The DPRK can strike the US with nuclear weapons, but the question is will the US strike the DPRK with nuclear weapons?. The fall out will surely effect both China and Russia killing thousands of civilians in those countries depending on how the wind is blowing. Does the US want to gamble that China and Russia will not retaliate with strikes of their own? The failure of the US to come to terms with the DPRK in regard to ending the Korean War and normalizing relations is a monumental mistake of which the consequences may come home to roost very soon. The day's of the United States warmongering with no consequences to the US mainland is over and the American people had better realize this fact and rein in those elements of their government that continually advocates for war over peace and stability.
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      almastyin reply toJg38691(Show commentHide comment)
      Jg38691, lol, and the 3,4,5-trimethoxyphenethylamine.
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      linebackerkin reply tohopscotch64(Show commentHide comment)
      hopscotch64, mostly I agree.

      is the US willing to have its continent getting annihilated in order to annihilate North Korea?

      No doubt that US will undergo an extensive cost-benefit analysis before making any policy choice on this and the worse case scenario will be US continent getting blown up. US has much more to lose and could be the end of the US. US would not go for that. I would call this richman's symptom.
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      teddy jin reply tohopscotch64(Show commentHide comment)


      the world =- any of us can pass judgment on north korea all we want. governments, people, whomever -- can say NK is this and that. .

      and JOIN the US-led vilifying of ANY regime that does not bow to the USA/western paradigm...whether we intended to do that or not.

      BUT the fundamental facts are:

      NK - whatever its faults are -- stands NO DIFFERENTLY than china or russia, iran, venezuela, cuba or any country on earth that has REFUSED to bow to the americans. END OF STORY.

      it is the ONLY real reason that NK

      1) IS SINGLED OUT - WITH likely good reason for its faults - repressive, dictatorship, whatever..but such reasons are NOT everything
      2) it is singled out BECAUSE , more than its faults ''internal faults" is the GREAT SIN of refusing to bow to the USA
      3) NK could NOT be defeated by the USA when the USA TRIED TO take the entire korean peninsula

      for the OBVIOUS:

      AS a spearpoint TOWARDS RUSSIA AND CHINA.

      this last matter EVEN RUSSIA AND CHINA have to acknowledge - that for all NK'S faults and ''headache " caused to russia and china (leverage, etc) -

      is in many, many ways the ONLY reason the americans have NOT ALREADY PUT ''missile defense " right next TO THE BORDERS OF RUSSIA AND CHINA ..under the usual banner used in NATO in europe -- or ''coalitions" in the mddle east.

      in many ways - the independence of NK from AMERICAN rule -- is almost like sticking ITS NECK OUT FOR russia and china...regardless of what even the russians and chinese say...and NK takes a LOT of opprobrium for THAT --

      EVEN if that was not NK'S ''intent" to 'serve' as a 'last front" tp prevent more landings by the USA ON THE EURASIAN LANDMASS occupied by russia and china.

      any FOOL cna see - even russians and chinese can see - that a mere few miles of ''advance" is IMMENSE in its repercussions -- and giving a foothold to the usa THROUGH south korea already shows just how INTENT hte USA is

      for the LONG PLAN --


      BY MEANS OF 'encirclement" and LANDINGS and occupations from where to advance FURTHER DEEPER into mainland EURASIA.

      isn't THAT obvious enough?

      from EUROPE -- It is through the ''normandy'' coasts since world war 2, from ITALY n the south and now the balkans by destryoying yugoslavia, then ukraine, then into poland and baltics and now sweden...

      from south china sea it is about ''ASEAN AGAINST CHINA" and inderdiction/obstruction in south china sera and mallacca straights..

      in indian ocean and gulf - it is with gulf arab monarchies

      in mediterranean - well we see it right now about syria...
      in central asia it is afghanistan as ''high tower"

      WHY is then NORTH KOREA AS ''isolated country threat to be contained" ANY DIFFERENT?

      IMO -- THE CONCERN OF RUSSIA against japanese and american and even south korean ''concerted efforts' against the MAINLAND EURASIA on top of whichrussia sits -- is NO DIFFERENT in value than that by NORTHKOREA -- regardless of what NK IS that people dont' like.

      same with china

      the ENEMY THEY ALL HAVE is the same -- it is the USA that seeks to conquer all of them.

      therefore -- imo -- russia and china ought to stand BEHIND NK - LEVERAGE IT to keep NK FROM overplaying its cards -- but


      IN the event of an attempt by the USA TO FURTHER PROVOKE NK -- THE LINES ARE DRAWN

      just the way russia draws them in kuril islands, china does in south china sea.

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      Wonder if the guy who did the music does Bollywood films?
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      teddy j
      IMO --

      RUSSIA AND CHINA should do this: \

      HELP NK to open up economically -- NOT to the USA - BUT to SK - and even japan - that gives PRESSURE on the USA for rivals...with chinese and russian backng of NK..

      Forget all the USA BIG TALK about 'freedom" NOBODY BELIEVES THAT from the USA and is IRRELEVANT in matters of TRADE.

      THEN RUSSIA AND CHINA - regardless of what the WEST says about ''human rights" (also irrelevant from the USA -- AS EVEN CHINA and RUSSIA can easily point out the USA has NO AUTHORITY to say such things)_ --

      \should support NK'S economic rise -- the far east russia is opening -- with china -- include NK - constructionk, highways, trade, transport...create an ENTIRELY INDEPENDENT

      insulated relations FROM american influence -- - that alone is enough for NK to become integrated with OTHER partners of RUSSIA/CHINA in the EURASIAN l, silk road projects...

      USE THAT as leverage over NK --

      ''economic rise - in exchange for greater cooperation with its partners" that DO NOT EVER HAVE TO NEED WESTERN COUNTERPARTS if necessary. and there WILL BE enough countries integrated with china and russia in commercial affairs that inevitably the links wth NK will be included.

      and GIVES all of them even better reasons to STRENGTHEN their defense cooperation against the USA attempts to make landings and control in the mainland...

      by creating this -- they make ALL EFFORTS by the USA TO INFLUENCE each of them and all of them


      WHICH LEAVES SOUTH KOREA out in the cold -- and will FORCE SOUTH korea to CHOOSE..

      CONTINUE TO BE A VASSAL STATE OF THE USA provoking a rising economcy NK and lose out on economic deals involving NK nad a future re-unification of some sort...

      or always be at the mercy of AMERICAN attempts for conquest because of americna

      hypocritical ''humanrights" concepts that have NOTHING to do withhuman rights but CONQUEST!

      WHY should russia or china consider it an ''embarrassment" of some sort to be seen as ''backers of NK" ?

      when they know that NO MATTER how NICELY any country tries to be relating to the AMERICANS

      TEH COUNTRIES END UP BEING VASSALS anyway? isn't THAT what PUTIN said?

      \''the USA doesn't really have friends -- what they want are VASSALS|". ?

      SO -- what IS the problem with just laying it all out in the open anyway?

      STAND BY NK -- help her develop =-- use that as a leverage over the leadership which they will NEVER be able to RESIST that offering of REAL development -- and begin to SHOWCASE the economic success of such a strengthened all out support for NK -

      USE IT AS A DEMONSTRATION that for a country to be PROSPEROUS -- IT DOES NOT NEED A SINGLE TRADE with the USA ...
    • Ivan Buckeye
      The U.S., South Korea, and Kim Jong-un are all responsible for any suffering to North Koreans. Truth.
    • Kim Kyu-Un
      The fast-paced editing on this video looks a little suspicious.
      Usually DPRK videos require a long attention span and are slow-moving.
      This video is made for ADHD short attention-span Adderall children.
      Maybe the DPRK is using new video techniques, or else this video looks like a fraud, just to provoke the West, against North Korea. Does Kim Jong Un realistically think his missiles will ever make it to Washington DC?
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      The terrorist American empire is in decline. Outdated old military hardware. Inefficient unreliable new military hardware. Petro dollar crumbling, national debt exploding, real economy it tatters, status of world reserve currency in decline, China and Russia outpacing American efforts.
      Ahh. Doesn't it make you grin ?
    • Kim Kyu-Un
      After using the words "terrorist American empire" the rest falls on deaf ears.
    • Anton KOMAROVin reply toFlorianGeyer(Show commentHide comment)
      FlorianGeyer, correct but N.K must do it's best so that their nuclear capacities does not become an early victim of a first strike....exactly what the US wants to do. Despite the official propaganda I doubt that they have a suitable vector to launch nuclear strikes
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      innocappuccinnoin reply toIvan Buckeye(Show commentHide comment)
      Ivan Buckeye, now really, how much do you think north-koreans suffer? don't you think they are healthier than any western population? why some insist in talking about north-korean sufferings? you have an obsession, man! in NK suffer especialy un-satisified hukster mentality individuals. and that is not a tragedy. the western offer of freedom and democracy is first of all a promise to all the world's huksters that they will be let lose against the rest of population. the *free world* says a hukster which is held accountable or is not free to do what he wants is a crime against humanity.
    • FlorianGeyerin reply tohopscotch64(Show commentHide comment)

      You make a good point here.

      There is NO way that Russia or China would allow American/NATO troops on their borders with North Korea.
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