02:08 GMT13 June 2021
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    FlyDubai Boeing Crashes in Russia (67)

    A security monitoring system introduced by the FlyDubai airline, which operated the flight that crashed in Russia last week, prevents crew members from working on flights if they have not had sufficient rest before departure, a spokesperson for the airline said Tuesday.

    DUBAI (Sputnik) Earlier in the day, a former FlyDubai pilot said in an interview with the RT broadcaster that the co-pilot of the crashed plane was extremely exhausted after working 11 days in a row ahead of the fatal flight. The pilot added that excessive workloads were common for pilots with the airline as the operator arranged schedules that did not allow enough rest time between flights.

    "If a crew member feels that he has not had a chance to have a rest for required time before the flight for any reasons, the security monitoring system makes pilots declare themselves unfit to perform the flight," the spokesperson told RIA Novosti.

    He added that the company strictly adhered to the service instructions, while scheduling working hours, and payed a special attention to factors affecting crew fatigue, including the duration of their previous shifts and the number of the rest days.

    The Russian Investigative Committee is considering several scenarios that may have caused the crash, including human error, technical failure and difficult weather conditions.

    FlyDubai Boeing Crashes in Russia (67)


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