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    Picture taken on February 26, 2015 shows armored fighting vehicles IAV Stryker of the US Cavalry Regiment 2nd subdivision during training with Latvian an Canadian soldiers at the Adazi military training area in Latvia

    Never in the Cold War Had US Put Its Military Force So Close to Russia

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    The decision to quadruple its military presence in Europe puts the US at its highest risk of a nuclear war with Russia, since the Cuban missile crisis of the early 1960s, as during the entire history of the mutual relationship it has never placed its military forces so close to Russia, according to Professor Stephen F. Cohen.

    Referring to the recently announced US plan to quadruple its military presence in Europe, political analyst Professor Stephen F. Cohen called it an unprecedented and very dangerous provocation.

    “We have never put our military force so close to Russia in the history going back to the 18th century,” he said during the John Batchelor Show.

    “During the last Cold War our military presence ended in West Berlin. Now we are militarily right on Russia’s borders, at a minimum, in the three Baltic countries, Romania and Poland.”

    The expert explained that it would mean the deployment of a lot of heavy military equipment into these countries near Russia, where the US military is going to create a permanent, fully equipped combat brigade that is going to rotate among these countries.

    “That is how they think they are complying with that NATO-Russia Founding Act of 1997,” he said.

    Referring to that particular document, Stephen F. Cohen noted that even though the above US move is a violation of the agreement, it was bogus from the beginning anyway.

    In the Act, NATO reiterated that “in the current and foreseeable security environment, the Alliance will carry out its collective defense and other missions by ensuring the necessary interoperability, integration, and capability for reinforcement rather than by additional permanent stationing of substantial combat forces.”

    In other words, it gave Russia a pledge not to station forces permanently in Eastern Europe. However, there was left one small loophole in the deal: “current and foreseeable security environment.”

    So, what NATO is desperately trying to prove is that there is a security threat to Eastern Europe, and it is due to “Russian aggression.” In this way, its permanent deployment in Eastern Europe won’t theoretically be a breach of the Act.

    “So what we now have today is a moment when the New Cold War has become much harder due to a decision taken in Washington,” Professor Cohen says. “It not only makes the new Cold War more militarized, confrontational, because all that equipment is going to be at the border with Russia, but it makes it more dangerous than the preceding Cold War because then we didn’t have any military power at or near the Russian border.”

    “It is going to be permanent…It also makes the possibility for war-like provocations, I mean the war between Russia and the US becomes more likely.”

    So, what is happening right now, according to Professor Cohen, is NATO testing Russia, provoking it and awaiting a reaction.

    Taken into account the possession of nuclear weapons on both sides, the US is in much more danger of a nuclear war with Russia, than there has ever been since the Cuban missile crisis in the early 1960s, he concluded.

    And President Obama can’t hide from this now in silence and shadows, as he usually does with the foreign policy issues, he concluded.


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      US american Aggression ... US americans want WAR with Russia ... We all know US Amerficans citizens LOVe War ... hate peace
    • uranus.hertz
      Seems to me, the US screwed up when they shuttered military post and bases in western Europe, never thinking them might need a point-of-presence in the future. In fact, if I'm correct in how this is being announced, it sounds more like the US is playing Europeans to pony up more money for their own security. I would be interesting to see if they try and reclaim the US Army posts they abandoned in the past 10 years. They'll have the money to get everything back in working order.
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      The Pentagon's top brass consists, primarily, of 19'th Century people who are trying to dominate a 21'st Century world.
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      The reason is NOT U.S.. Is E.U and NATO. They teh one's all along on the decision making. U.S is their PIT BULL.
      In the 1990's when all went down in Russia it was E.U , NATO the culprits. Russia never woke up from that reality. Still today, believe that Russia and Russian's are accepted as equals in Europe.
      The tanks attacking parliament in Russia , it was NATO, U.S , E.U , UK. to destroy not the Soviet block, but Russia.
      Even U.N was at it. Where many Russian lands were accepted as countries illegally m under international laws. Go check what international laws say. U.N members map at entry, is used to determine it's boundaries. No secession could be accepted, or chages in the territorial integrity of the countries. Now Russia IS a founding member of U.N. With an entry map and survey maps. Who said Ukraine is a member of U. legally? Belarus? Kazakhstan and many others? Really?
      Some were Soviet annexations, That could had a referendum and allowed to leave. The rest? Why? Because U.N is in bed with U.S , E.U , U.K.. THAT'S why. U.N say what they want. Including in Syria talks.

      Now BACK to the news. They want more coups. Who? E.U !!! NATO!! U.S do it to create a bigger economic space that MUST be ally and vassal.
      And they ARE Plans to get Kaliningrad, Belarus, Kazakhstan. And ALL CIS EEU countries.
      But Russia DO NOT wish to wake up.
      Is like a kid inside a divorce. Seat cover eyes, ears..and hope it all end. It won't. EVER. Until Russia is DESTROYED. and NO MORE.
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      jemfinch1in reply touranus.hertz(Show commentHide comment)

      There are many far better things the Europeans want to spend their money on. The US should take a lesson from them in priorities.
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      jemfinch1in reply tobackfromthegraav(Show commentHide comment)

      Not the American people. They want peace, and justice (for a change). Only the US military/industrial/Congressional complex wants war.
    • rogertidy
      US financial and corporate elites want to control Russia's economy, especially its natural resources. To achieve that, they want, through propaganda, subversion and naked military threats, to provoke "regime change" in Russia. This is the real reason why the US has launched a New Cold War against Russia. Washington wanted all along to expand NATO towards Russia's borders. Its promises not to do so were all lies.
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      cast235in reply tojemfinch1(Show commentHide comment)
      jemfinch1, BULL HORN wish... CREATE elections. A referendum to go to war destroy Russia and end the problems of Russia not doing Washington bid. 98% of U.S will vote YES.
      Don't live in LA LA land.
      U.S is fed propaganda 24/7 365 days a year. thru movies. cartoons, U.S race is superior, smarter , faster.. Exceptional.
      Go water the Lillie's.
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      So like with the USA mercenaries having destroyed and swiped away the cultural heritage in the Middle East along with the long time massacre in Vietnam with the movie makers making comedy series of these war crimes, which is the core of absurdity - European cultural heritage wasn't really destroyed during the WWII or during the war in former Yogoslavia. So what is left of genuine cultural treasures is to be found in Russia along with the many of the Eastern European countries. With the american corporate mercenaries unemployed and Rusisia with it's cultural and historical wealth and the war Hawks of the USA destructional forces eager to multiply it's wealth on massacres of civilians together with destruction of cultural heritage in all it forms with Europe just as a part of it, they must be stopped by every mean. Just compare the last centurury's Walt Disney Hollywood cultural heritage of USA to the of centuries historical heritage on the European and Asian soil. These bastards of war mongering just do not have a clue of reality.
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      You get bullying because you are perceived as weak
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      Russia will be the last man standing in a nuke war the west will be obliterated.
    • support
      This absurd enterprise has nothing to do with Russia and everything to do with US internal social and political unrest on th epart of good citizens...again. It is yet another instance of America's unswerving policy to systematically kill off its excess young men and women of good character through instigating pointless conflicts for which young US persons of valour, discipline and worth volunteer in droves. This process and policy initiated with the US Civil War and has not been changed since.
    • Jet fuel can't melt steel beams
      The Russian threath aka the phantom menace.. nato trying to have a reason to exist..
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      Randall Lee Hilburn
      Normally Stephen Cohen is spot on. But he has made a mistake in what is otherwise a very good article. The United States DID invade the USSR during the Russian Civil War of 1919. One army invaded Eastern Siberia, while another invaded by way of Archangelsk. This is one of the almost totally forgotten episodes in modern world history.
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      backfromthegraavin reply tojemfinch1(Show commentHide comment)
      jemfinch1, Joke of the Day !

      Why .... because every year 2,000,000 US american Citizens (every one a volunteer) dons on US american Combat Gear to Serve in the US american Armed Forces, Serves the US american Gov and these citizens go and invade Foreign countries and murder, maim Innocent unarm Civilians !!!

      Then they return to US america as Hero's, get medals of Bravery for Murdering Unarmed civilains and then re Join the US american society !

      If you meant your word then NO, US American Citizen would Volunteer ... but 2,000,000 do every year !!

      Oh the draft ended in 1972 !!
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      America is trying its best to provoke Russia to do something that they will use to make excuse to go in war with Russia. They will have help of all of Europe. And i hope china Pakistan and Iran to be on Russia's side to defeat America.
    • Blackiein reply tomirzahamza1995(Show commentHide comment)
    • Norbert the Braque
      Im a german, we want Russia and NOT USA the country of fraking, bad water, you destroyed your own nature and does not notice times .. good morning .. I'm really very sad, I know you sleep easy people only, but that is fatal now fight or you r still slaves of the bought Presidents. In germany the same shit : corrupt politicians, but now enuff ! we want help from russia for a new beginning in peace with our friends the Russians.
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      armorin reply toNorbert the Braque(Show commentHide comment)
      Norbert the Braque, there are many , many more "we" 's who want Russia as Leader,Russia as guide, Russia as an example.
      We keep going, we have confidence that Russia will be strong as ever, courageous as ever, Providence has designed Russia to be where she is now and that's it: Patience as well. But we must also be strong, like Russia, we must all be like her, be little russias all over the world. Keep Faith, no panic at all.
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