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    Not Again! Top US General Calls Russia 'Literally Existential Threat to US'

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    Tentative progress which has been achieved in tackling Daesh and resolving the Syrian crisis has apparently not done enough to make America's top brass change its minds when it comes to its threat assessment: US Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley has reiterated that Russia still tops the list of threats to the United States.

    "Russia presents the only capability on Earth – of any organization or country – that is literally an existential threat to the United States," Milley told attendees of the Association of the US Army ILW Breakfast on Thursday. The US Army chief of staff has made similar comments in the past.

    In Milley's view, Russia is dangerous due to its military nuclear capabilities, although throughout the course of history nuclear weapons have only been used twice and not by Moscow.

    The general also accused Russia of displaying aggressive behavior. He recalled the ongoing Ukrainian civil war, which the West has largely blamed on Russia. For its part, Moscow has repeatedly stated that it is not a party to the Ukrainian conflict and does not pose threat to any nation. In addition, Russian officials and diplomats have made every effort to resolve the crisis in the neighboring country within the framework of the Minsk process.

    Milley mentioned Russia's "significant investment" in its military as another factor that makes the country a threat, listing several major upgrades to the Russian Army, including new military hardware (the Armata battle tank), structural reorganization (more agile combat brigades) and the composition of the Armed Forces (more volunteers).

    Milley's remarks were part of an overview of the current strategic environment in the world. The security challenges, which the United States faces, according to the general, could best be described using a "4+1" formula. The big four threats include Russia, China, North Korea and Iran, while the "1" refers to the "continuous" fight against international terrorism.


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    • in reply toGlamoureus(Show commentHide comment)
      Glamoureus, Well any country with an army is a threat to the us interests in said country.
    • The question is, is his loyalty to the United States of America and its constitution, as per his oath, or is he a treasonous traitor lackey who's loyalty is to NATO?
    • Jackov Smirnoff
      But the US spends $Trillions more fighting 3rd World wars against illiterate militants.
    • ivanwa88
      They say America is all ego and Russia all heart! one cannot live without the other? ego needs the constant feeding of one-upmanship and strives to win to engender the feeling of superiority over the other. Without the feeding frenzy the mind is neurotic and paranoid at its best and psychopath at its worst. For US to sustain Russia must always exist until it is finally destroyed. It is a fait-accompli wired into the psyche and embedded in the mindset.
      It is power thinking gone mad and is irreversibly it can only be defused by the extraction of the infected organisms. As it appears the infection has reached the stage where it can also start feeding on itself to a point of complete and total darkness.
    • karlof1
      The existential threat to the Outlaw US Empire is the Empire itself and the oligarchs driving it, which makes this general a traitor for not obeying his oath to the US Constitution.
    • this General forgot to mention that US is in similar situation, in almost dire situation. I dont' know if he is aware, but the world is in the process of dumping US dollar for international trade, once that process is completed, free ride is over. $ 1 trillion of us bonds has been dumped during the last one year, around the globe. once the dollar is gone, or the role minimized, things will drastically change, this general will be paid in peanuts. while the rest of the world is working, producing, selling their resources, US was printing dollars out of thin air and making some fake 'service' economy,.. cutting each other grass and printing various business reports and graphs. Totally useless 'econmy' that has 95 million unemployed people. yes, look up something called 'workers participation rate' that is true, hard core, unemployment number that was use many decades ago.. it is 95 million people out of work. Those numbers are way worst then great depression. And who pays for that.. the rest of the world.

      kissing China's arse but pissing on Russia will not help. US will eventually become used by china to get resources,. nobody needs chronically ill, over medicated, unemployed and totally uneducated bunch.
    • jas
      When these US generals speak, it is only to an uniformed public and to create any false perception it wants. They just be immediately removed from service, as these generals represent an existential threat to the US.

      Russia is still recovering from collapse of USSR. It is crazy to consider the upgrading and maintenance of its defensive capabilities to be aggression. It is clear the NATO countries are the aggressors.

      But to someone who doesn't read of hear anything other than CNN and other government propaganda outlets, the general seems to be competent and correct.
    • jasin reply tojuglul2001(Show commentHide comment)
      juglul2001, Would give you 100 upvotes for this one if I could.
    • jasin reply toGlamoureus(Show commentHide comment)
      Glamoureus, And let the US appoint all senior leaders, such as a defense minister who makes decisions that benefit NATO. Crazy for national leaders to have this view, and dangerous.
    • Just waiting for your hundreds of millions in retirement from the war machine? Traitors, all.
    • in reply tojuglul2001(Show commentHide comment)
      juglul2001juglul2001, Well nicely summed up!
    • in reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, CNN = cartoon news network.
    • Athanasios
      Putin's answer to that BBC man so to speak is in order here too: "Have you no common sense?"
    • jimmcdo
      Paranoid, warmonger, narrow-minded, self-sufficient, arrogant, mentally-ill, propagandist for an obvious world war 3 agenda, fool... All these and more qualify for those military and politician psychotics... I bet they don't even love their grand-children...
    • jimmcdoin reply tomarcanhalt(Show commentHide comment)
      marcanhalt, The US is the biggest threat right now, not even terrorists.. Anyway they back them...
    • jimmcdoin reply tomarcanhalt(Show commentHide comment)
      marcanhalt, The US is the biggest threat right now, not even terrorists.. Anyway they back them...
    • Blackie
      After these thousands of articles on the subject over the last decades, you really wonder who is an existential threat to whom? Russia to US? Or rather Turkey?


      Or the US to itself?
    • Mr. Blair M. Phillips
      The biggest threat to the people of this planet is Capitalism....especially American Capitalism.
    • tanksbb
      Looks like they've upgraded "threat" to "existential threat ". What's next - ""super colossal, mind-blowing, existential threat"?
    • Mitach2002
      Neocons are the greatest threat to America
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