16:32 GMT +327 February 2017
    Donald Trump works at his desk.

    Germany Follows UK in Calling for Ban on Donald Trump

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    Dieter Janecek of Germany's Green Party has urged a ban on US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump from entering the European country following The Donald’s recent tweets in which he blamed migrants from the Middle East for a series of attacks in the German city of Cologne on New Year’s Eve.

    Trump's anti-Muslim and anti-refugee rhetoric has already provoked heated debate in the international community. Politicians and citizens from across the globe have criticized the billionaire for suggesting a ban on Muslims from entering the US.

    In response, 500,000 UK citizens signed a petition to ban Trump from entering their country. The petition is scheduled for debate in parliament later this month. And it seems now that Germany has taken up the cause.

    Janecek told the online version of Spiegel magazine that Trump's "rants of hate against minorities and refugees could constitute the criminal offence of incitement of hatred," citing the mogul's recent tweets on the series of sexual assaults in Cologne on New Year's Eve.

    In separate tweets, Trump said that Germany was a "total mess" because of its hospitable approach toward refugees from the war-torn Syria.

    ​A petition to ban Trump from entering Germany had already collected 35,000 signatures by the time the Spiegel article appeared online, though it was uncertain whether the votes had been cast by individual German citizens.

    Other German lawmakers, however, including some from Janecek's own party, who told Spiegel Online they opposed an entry ban as it would only strengthen Trump's position when he should instead be ignored.    


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      Maybe this way, if he is barred from the UK,Gemany, then if he wins and becomes president, we Europeans can free ourselves from the USA forcing crazy foreign policies of war in the world.
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      margaridaoulmanin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, The media only publishes rubbish of the peoples wishes, any thing important is kept quiet and hopefully it is forgotten, this is all so dumb, it should not become news as it is void of any context.
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      Mr. Dieter Janecek deserves to be one of the "boys" raped on New Year Eve by his "friends". What more Germany needs to experience in order to learn that naivety is not a value, this is an antipode of wisdom. Trump does not talk anti-muslem. Trump talks pro - white. Racism is a state of mind which envisions particular race being superior to other. This is not what Trump and any other wise people talk about. A call to protect your race existence is internal strive for protecting biodiversity in God's creature. It is a strive to protect life the way God has created it. In contrary, promoting multicultural societies and launching hybrid wars supported by governments in order to impose multicultural societies, is intentional attempt to challenge God's plan for humanity.
    • Mark Gewissin reply tomargaridaoulman(Show commentHide comment)
      margaridaoulman, LOL Unfortunately, Germany - and all of Europe - must still make its "Die Morgenlandfahrt" if the world is to have peace...
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      armorin reply toAthanasios(Show commentHide comment)
      Athanasios, YES....
    • Blackie in reply toMark Gewiss(Show commentHide comment)
      Mark Gewiss,
      Hi Mark
      Nice comment,
      They are both dirty, but on the day it depends who is the dirtiest.Right?
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      armorin reply tovvj3080(Show commentHide comment)
      vvj3080, the poor NA people would be so scared to hear the Truth that that might well go back and vote the way they have always voted.....thus giving the death kiss to N.A.
    • Mark Gewissin reply toBlackie (Show commentHide comment)
      Africa, American presidents are rarely "leaders" in the sense that Putin and Merkel are leaders. Real power rests in Congress and the Senate.
    • FlorianGeyerin reply toMark Gewiss(Show commentHide comment)
      Mark Gewiss,

      You forgot to mention AIPAC and de facto Israel.
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      Well those are Red Merkel's globalist supporters - the very ones who welcomed the scourge into their own country. Misery loves company.
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      "Trump's anti-Muslim and anti-refugee rhetoric has already provoked heated debate in the international community.
      Heated debate my ass. More like rabid hysterical denunciation by Saudi Princes, Leftist nation-wreckers and panicking Zionists with ass-licking press like Sputnik throwing feces around like a bunch of monkeys.
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      People, we all need to turn our attention toward educating ourselves about the Muslim Invasions of Europe in the past; the reasons for the Crusades, the terror and bloodshed the Europeans suffered because of the constant and woeful Muslim invasions into Europe in the past. Try Stefan Molyneux Freedomainradio.com and/or the CBN.com to get started. I am going for the eighties and I just now have become aware of the horror that has been the Muslim's invading Europe over the last thousand or so years. A whole new prospective. Learn and then teach -the world.
    • Baybars in reply tomanofsteel194275(Show commentHide comment)
      manofsteel194275, You Will Be Assimilated. Resistance Is Futile.
    • Ann in reply toMark Gewiss(Show commentHide comment)
      Mark Gewiss, Unfortunately there's no way to ever be sure. The confusion is part of the plan. All I know for sure is that the globalists have always used insinuation, rumor and outright lies to destroy anyone they don't like. Every single time. The lapdog media is right there in on it as usual. The DIFFERENCE IS that Trump followers are not taking the bait this time. WE KNOW the tactics. We know the plan. We've heard the lies. We are mostly the same people who have uncovered the lies about Putin, and the slander campaign against our brothers in Russia. We're not falling for that either.

      All I can say is, right or wrong, the best we can do is follow our hearts and keep our minds open to the truth. We can do our homework and make the best decision we can, based on what we're allowed to know. I know Trump had a relationship with hillary, as he did many people I don't like. He was a businessman then. It was his job to be amicable to potential business partners.

      I've watched Trump study and learn as his campaign progresses. I believe he's for real, until I see something to the contrary. Talk is cheap, but slander is completely worthless. I have to follow my gut...not the MSM.
    • Ann in reply toMark Gewiss(Show commentHide comment)
      Mark Gewiss, Merkel is a puppet, probably victim of NSA blackmail.
    • Mark Gewissin reply toAnn (Show commentHide comment)
      sixpack6t9, Republican grass-roots supporters - the evangelicals, anti-abortionists, etc - are lied to and then betrayed over and over again by the candidates they work hard to get elected: just like their Democrat equivalents on the left, the union rank and file and progressives, etc. are betrayed by Obama and the Clintons and the rest of them.

      The reality of the situation is that the Republicans don't have the demographics anymore to win the presidency and the leadership knows it. Hence they would be perfectly comfortable with Hillary as president. Why? Because if you look closely at her political career, from her time as a student Goldwater supporter all the way up to her super-hawkish tenure as Secretary of State, she has ZERO credentials as a liberal. She's a super right-wing "Democrat:" and that's what both parties want.

      Don't buy into the story that she and Trump had a"falling out" as friends: that's just professional wrestling style kayfabe for the rubes. On what matter of importance they disagreed we are never told.

      He's in the ring to play the heel, to make the baby-face more loveable.
    • Mark Gewissin reply toMark Gewiss(Show commentHide comment)
      Mark Gewiss,

      "I've watched Trump study and learn as his campaign progresses. I believe he's for real, until I see something to the contrary. "

      The tip-off for me was his praise for Putin, unfortunately. Bucking the bipartisan conventional wisdom of relentless Russia-bashing exposes him at once as this election cycle's heel.

      And lately he's praised Kim Jong-un as well!

      What more proof do you need? His extremism is a calculated stunt to get his friend elected.
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      It is interesting to me to see who has freedom of speech and who doesn't. One group of people may speak their minds and tell it like it is and they are labeled trouble makers and told to shut up, or coerced, or threatened in various forms. Yet if someone with money wants to incite violence they are considered protected under the First Amendment. As with most things in America, there are double standards and down right hypocrisy.
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      cavedeborahin reply toMark Gewiss(Show commentHide comment)
      Mark Gewiss, You are absolutely right and this is why the US needs term limits sets for these representatives that have been in session for too long.
    • choticastile
      Will laugh my head off if he becomes POTUS! Wot groveling dere vill be! Oh, my!

      One thing is for sure -- The Donald is having a ball!
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