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    Ankara's Condemnation of MP Over Daesh Gas Sales 'Admission of Involvement'

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    By accusing a Turkish lawmaker of treason, Ankara has actually admitted to its involvement in supplying sarin nerve gas to Daesh militants, according to Russian political analyst Grigory Dobromelov.

    In an interview with Sputnik, Grigory Dobromelov, director of the Moscow-based Institute of Applied Political Research, said that by charging a Turkish MP with treason, Ankara has in fact acknowledged that it was involved in delivering deadly sarin gas to militants from Daesh (ISIL/ISIS).

    On Wednesday, Eren Erdem, from Turkey's opposition Republican People's Party (CHP), was accused of treason after he revealed in an interview with RT that components of the lethal nerve agent sarin were shipped to Daesh labs through Turkey in 2014, and Ankara did nothing to stop them.

    Commenting on the issue, Dobromelov pointed out that the most important aspect was the reaction of Turkish authorities.

    "By opening a criminal case on treason, Ankara actually says that the information divulged by the lawmaker remains a state secret. So Turkey de jure admits that this is important information, which can prove to be true," he said.

    According to Dobromelov, more disclosures in relation to Turkish authorities are expected in the near future.

    "I think that Pandora's box is open and various countries, interested in the investigation of this case will use the situation in order to clarify what was really going on," he said.

    He added that even though the case is already an open secret for security services, revelations of the Turkish MP helped provide the public with information that had been considered classified. 

    It was reported on Wednesday that Ankara's top prosecutor had opened a criminal investigation against Erdem after he disclosed that Turkey allegedly knew about Daesh-bound shipments of sarin passing through its territory. Sarin is a lethal gas, classified by the United Nations as a weapon of mass destruction.


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