16:17 GMT15 January 2021
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    Claiming that Ukraine's debt to Russia is not sovereign is a blatant lie

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) Claiming that Ukraine's debt to Russia is not sovereign is a blatant lie, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said Wednesday.

    "It is amazing that international financial institutions have started to say that this is not really a sovereign loan. So it's not really a sovereign loan when it's between two governments? This is nonsense. It is obvious that this is just a blatant, cynical lie," Medvedev said during an interview with Russian television news stations.

    "If two governments reach an agreement, this is obviously a sovereign loan, never in the history of the IMF, in the history of international economic relations has this been called into question," he added.

    The entire IMF system will lose its credibility unless a reform is carried out in the near future, Minister Dmitry Medvedev added.

    "The International Monetary Fund, despite the fact that it should represent the interests of both creditor countries and borrowers, has for the first time in its entire history done everything to promote the economic development of a borrower [Ukraine] for political reasons. This way, it undermines its own credibility," Medvedev said during an interview with Russian television news stations.

    "All this is due to the fact that the international financial system is unfair. The Bretton Woods agreements no longer work, quotas are not being redistributed. If we don't reform this system in the near future, it will lose its credibility," he added.


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