19:26 GMT26 January 2021
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    Roger Godsiff, a UK Labour lawmaker said that he does not support the idea of bombing Syria, it will not help to get rid of the Islamic State militant group.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik), Daria Chernyshova — The proposed UK air campaign in Syria would not help eliminate the Islamic State group (known as Daesh in the Arab world), it will only make more civilians flee the country, a UK Labour lawmaker told Sputnik Tuesday.

    "I want to get rid of ISIS, but I don’t think dropping more bombs will contribute to it. There are other ways to support France, our major ally. By dropping more bombs, all you are going to do is create more terror among the population, and cause more mass movement of them, and they are flooding out of Syria into Europe," Roger Godsiff said.

    On Wednesday, the lower house of the UK parliament will vote on whether the country should extend its airstrikes against ISIL of Daesh to Syria.

    Godsiff said he would vote against the motion, and stressed that there was no "justification for dropping more bombs on Syria, I don’t think it will contribute to killing the ISIS."

    UK Prime Minister David Cameron said he believed that support for the expansion of airstrikes was growing among lawmakers, and it was "the right thing to do."

    The United Kingdom has been conducting airstrikes on ISIL position in Iraq since September 2014, as part of a US-led international coalition against the extremist group.

    An international coalition of 65 nations has been fighting for over a year to defeat ISIL in Iraq and to a lesser extent in Syria.

    Russia has been conducting airstrikes against ISIL positions at the request of President Bashar Assad since September. Russia has outlawed ISIL on its territory, classifying it as a terrorist organization.


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