13:31 GMT +323 March 2017
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    Russian Envoy to EU Condemns ‘Unprecedented’ Smear Campaign Against Russia

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    Vladimir Chizhov, Russia’s envoy to the European Union, said that the West’s anti-Russia campaign recently reached unprecedented proportions.

    BRUSSELS (Sputnik) — An unprecedented campaign to denigrate Russia has been launched in the West, Russia’s envoy to the European Union said Monday.

    Speaking at the 9th Europe-Russia Forum in the EU Parliament, Vladimir Chizhov said that the West’s anti-Russia campaign recently reached unprecedented proportions.

    "Its aim is clear – it is to discredit our country and its government," Chizhov said, adding that attempts were being made to revive long-forgotten stereotypes about Russia.

    Chizhov said that the causes of the Ukrainian crisis were being distorted to blame it on Russia while atrocities committed by far-right groups in Ukraine, such as the burning alive of pro-Russia activists in Odesa in May 2014, were played down.

    "Sacrilegious caricatures of victims who died in the Sinai air crash are being published. And last but not least, those who have only recently been considered our partners and allies are stabbing us in the back," the envoy said, referring to the downing of a Russian jet by a Turkish plane over Syria.

    Chizhov also stated that the European Union is creating a kind of "ideological special forces" to fight what it calls Russian propaganda.

    As part of the executive structures of the European Union, a certain kind of ideological special forces has been created to fight the windmills of 'Russian propaganda,'" Chizhov said.

    It is important to understand that the anti-Russia myths created by the West are essentially groundless, Chizhov added.

    "They are designed solely to disorient, to separate one from the historical roots, to instill an inferiority complex and guilt, to provoke the people against their own country," he said.

    Russia’s relations with the West have been strained since the start of fighting in eastern Ukraine in early 2014. On November 13, Turkey, a NATO member state, attacked a Russian Su-24 warplane operating in Syria, which is the first such incident involving Russian and NATO planes since 1952.


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    • Victor S
      It's one ( the other would be murder...literally! ) of their ( powers that be ) favorite tools, to demonize everything and everyone, that stands in their way of world domination and enslavement.
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      No worries - within 30 years there will be sharia war in Europe.
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      In the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, the "free press" is not free -- it is bought and paid for. "Freedom of the press" means freedom for the owners of the media in a capitalist country, including freedom to engage in character assassination and any other activity they can think of, such as blackmail, etc. They have not only centuries of experience in manipulating public opinion and human consciousness, but also decades more practise at it than anyone else -- including Russia and their former colonies. The western media-driven matrix is the most powerful thought control system ever created, and defines and directs the everyday lives of billions of people, even including its owners. The Big Brother of 1948 is a rank amateur compared to this Little Sister. In the western matrix, truth is like plastic to be shaped in a mold for copying or reshaping as need be. The free world must figure out how to free itself from the western matrix or it will be sucked in. One first step is to understand the false narrative of the western matrix, and create a parallel counter-narrative as the skeletal outline of a different matrix. (War of the matrixes! Wow, what a concept!)
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