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    A police officer patrols in Montpellier on November 14, 2015, following a series of coordinated attacks in and around Paris late on November 13

    France May Fight ISIL on the Ground in Wake of Paris Attacks - Stratfor

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    Terrorist Attacks in Paris (253)

    France may send its "expeditionary force" to Syria in order to retaliate against ISIL, according to the US-based intelligence firm Stratfor; the group has claimed responsibility for Friday's terrorist attacks in Paris, which claimed at least 129 lives.

    Analysts from the private intelligence company Stratfor believe that France may send its "expeditionary force" to Syria or Iraq in response to the deadly Paris attacks that rocked the French capital on Friday night.

    They claimed that France has a whole array of options for retaliation "at its disposal", but that the country's response will depend on "who was ultimately responsible" for the Friday attacks.

    "If it is found that the Islamic State core group was indeed behind the November 13 attack, France will likely ramp up its Syrian air operations," Stratfor said.

    At the same time, Stratfor analysts recalled that "the skies over Syria are already congested with coalition and Russian aircraft," which is why France may intensify its military operation against the Islamic State group in Iraq or other countries, including in Libya, according to Stratfor.

    London's iconic Tower Bridge, illuminated in blue, white and red lights, resembling the colours of the French national flag, in London on November 14, 2015, as Britons express their solidarity with France following a spate of coordinated attacks that left 129 dead in Paris on November 13.
    © AFP 2016/ Justin Tallis
    London's iconic Tower Bridge, illuminated in blue, white and red lights, resembling the colours of the French national flag, in London on November 14, 2015, as Britons express their solidarity with France following a spate of coordinated attacks that left 129 dead in Paris on November 13.

    In light of this, Stratfor analysts predicted that France may increase its programs to train and support anti-Islamic State forces in Iraq and Syria, or even to carry out "commando strikes against key leadership nodes."

    "France also has the option of deploying an expeditionary force like it did in the Sahel [region of Africa], although that would probably require outside airlift capacity from NATO allies, especially the United States," Stratfor pointed out.

    On Friday night, eight extremists wearing explosive belts attacked several venues across Paris, killing 129 people at restaurants, the Bataclan concert hall and in the vicinity of the Stade de France stadium.

    Meanwhile, media reports have said that the names of at least three suicide bombers involved in the Paris attacks have already been revealed. 

    They include 29-year-old French national Omar Ismail Mostefai, 25-year-old Ahmed Almuhamed and another man, born in 1990 and identified only as Abbdulakbak B.

    Terrorist Attacks in Paris (253)


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    • against ISIL.haha.we know that against Asad in reality
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      How can someone retaliate against one's own creation?
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      What good is a false flag if you don't follow through with it?
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      Michl.0192837in reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      nadezhdochka_25, probably they want to stand in Russias ways, as a human shield for ISIS with NATO backing?

      Poor French soldiers, don't go that way!

      Better look for the high treason in your own ranks and do what is appropriate...
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      UNLESS they will join the Syrian army.. Otherwise, tey risk a war with Russia. I wouldn't. Not at this stage. Best to tighten security. IF they wouldn't be supporting and armed opposition, ISIS , DAESH, would had never be, because Syria was a quiet prosperous nation, Until U.S and allies went with the ASSAD MUST STEP DOWN BULL HORN.
      The IRONY? Innocent people pay. Hollande should step down, and a new constitution and new government form. Without Hollande. Cough...How that sound? familiar words?
    • in reply tocast235(Show commentHide comment)
      cast235, sarcozy supported war against Lybia.Hollande against Syria.France needs anti west,anti nato,pro france leader
    • Shue
      Blah blah blah! Shit for brains imbeciles, nothing less.
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      I would be very discerning about any information put out by Stratfor as it is a well known cabal instrument. Perhaps their need to hide secrets in plain sight might be taken into account but I would not be relying on accurate information...more like propaganda. We are in a propaganda nightmare right now and discernment of everything is crucial...question more and no fear!
    • vvj3080
      Is France ready to support ISIS on the ground as the terrorist are losing their position day by day . Hope the cruise missile which crashes on ISIS will also finds their foreign supporters.
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      This is what Stratfor does:
      Be aware of this organization.
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      So according to Strafor France has declared war against Syria?!? Certainly Syria has not given their sovereign authority for France to attack anyone within their territory. It is against International Law for France to do so without such Authority. Russia is doing a good job of cleaning up ISIL in Syria and should have completed this task in a month or so with the regaining of territory that the Syrian Army is currently achieving with Russian support. I believe this attack was done to counter the Russian initiatives in Syria AT SYRIAN INVITATION. All the war hawks need to drink some coolaid and cool it. France can look after its own problems. The whole EU is teetering on the brink of self-destruction through stupid policies and idiotic governance. Shengen policy is obviously unworkable. What a mess! Up go the barricades too late Certainly the EU needs to immediately filter out all the radical insurgents that have just swept into Europe without a single weapon on them... trojan horse immediately comes to mind! All the stupid politicians have allowed this to happen and do not have a clue. They only try to close the gate when the horse has bolted. Sorry for all the metaphors! Hopefully some cool heads will prevail and the US will get off its beleaguered and crippled high horse.
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      uncut version of the press conference of Stratfor:
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      Michl.0192837in reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      nadezhdochka_25, still I would go further:

      France, like Germany and the other western nations, need the mason zionazi fucks thoroughly weeded out
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      Michl.0192837in reply to0_n(Show commentHide comment)
      0_n, Additionally Stratfor are after prisonplanet.com and other disinfo campaigns. Are they instructing the puppets this way?
    • qvasko 15
      Maybe this would be necessary! However, I support it only in coordination with Russia!
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