13:31 GMT +323 March 2017
    Oil well pumps are seen in the Rmeilane oil field in Syria's northerneastern Hasakeh province on July 15, 2015

    Turkish Journalist Questions Why US Isn't Bombing ISIL's Oil Fields

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    The US-led coalition's reluctance to bomb Islamic State-controlled oil deposits in Syria has raised eyebrows, according to prominent Turkish journalist Alptekin Dursunoglu.

    In an interview with Sputnik, eminent Turkish journalist Alptekin Dursunoglu voiced surprise about the US-led coalition's reluctance to bomb Islamic State-controlled oil deposits in Syria, which he said are one of the key sources of income for the jihadist group. 

    He referred to the Islamic State's smuggling of oil to Turkey via an illegal pipeline, the existence of which has yet to be confirmed, according to Dursunoglu.

    At the same time, he drew attention to the fact that the US-led air campaign never targeted the ISIL-controlled oil fields in Syria.

    "This fact really makes [me] wonder, given that one of the steps of Obama's plan to fight ISIL was the destruction of sources of the Islamic State's income," Dursunoglu said.

    To find the answer, it is necessary to discern who ordered the US and its allies not to bomb ISIL's oil fields, he said, referring to previous activities by local officials nominated by the US. 

    Commenting on thousands of oil tanks supplied by ISIL, Dursunoglu wondered why American drones failed to track the convoy of such a big scale.

    He also said that the delivery of oil is not the only source of income for the Islamic State, which he recalled was part of al-Qaeda in 2012.

    "This unified organization deliberately avoided being named al-Qaeda. This organization got the considerable share of money that was delivered by the Gulf States and Turkey under the pretext of helping the Syrian opposition," Dursunoglu said.

    He quoted local humanitarian workers as saying in 2012 that the money was sent in "bags, suitcases and sacks."

    Dursunoglu added that apart from illegal oil trading and racketeering, the smuggling of antiques and historical artifacts, as well as human trafficking and the organ trade add significantly to the Islamic State's coffers.


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    • Skevin
      La question comprend la réponse: les USA ne bombardent pas leurs alliés terroristes.
    • avatar
      yankees are the scourge of humanity
    • avatar
      Lets see the oil coming out of ISIS captured Syrian oil fields is passing through Turkey to Turkish ports and off to EU consumers. The Turks of course get a nice kick back on this transaction for there ILLEGAL services. So why is it that the Turks don't bomb ISIS oil fields? Is it because Turkey along with Qatar are arming, supplying and Supporting ISIS ? Or why is it that Turkey says it's at war with ISIS but only attacks Kurdish positions in Syria and Iraq, last I check was that the Kurds are sworn enemies of ISIS. It looks to me that Turkey is trying to save face here after the rest of the world have finally come to realize that it's Islamist government are nothing but terrorist them self's. Erdogan is a piece of dog excrement, he should be swinging by his neck at the end of a rope from a tall tree from what he did in Syria, Egypt and Iraq.
    • White_Eagle1
      I agree with Daniel on the Facebook comment section. The US (and Turkey) has absolutely no business bombing Syria infra structure. Unless both Syria and Russia agree on the targets... and you don't see that happening.. Obama and neocons are still too fixated on using ISIS to destroy Syria's secular government, ... and at this point should just stay out of the way as Russia runs ISIS out of the country.
    • Eva Brown
      LOL why ??? Because Erdogan ask USA to not do that. Everybody knoww in Turky that Erdogan's son is smuggling the oil in ISIS behalf ... really is a very stupid question and the journalist if is a journalist (i have serious doubts) should ask yo Erdogan why he don t do that and why instead bomb ISIS is bombimg kurds !!!
    • avatar
      Islámský stát a další teroristické organizace představují v současné době zlo, které ohrožuje celý svět. V boji proti tomuto zlu by se všechny státy světa mohly spojit tak, aby vznikla celosvětová demokratická vláda, která by mohla efektivně řešit všechny vznikající globální problémy. Řešením těchto problémů se nyní zabývá OSN, ale dnes už je zcela zřejmé, že OSN neumožňuje globální problémy řešit efektivně. Je čas nahradit OSN novou organizací, kterou by mohla být uvedená celosvětová demokratická vláda. Tato vláda by mohla nastolit trvalý mír na celém světě, a to prakticky stejným způsobem, kterým se podařilo nastolit trvalý mír v rámci všech států spojených v projektu EU.
      Jedna možná cesta vzniku celosvětové demokratické vlády je uvedená v následujícím článku: miloslav7.blogspot.cz/2015/01/otevreny-dopis-vsem-lidem-na-planete.html Vznik spojeného světa má už v plánu i OSN, viz článek: miloslav7.blogspot.cz/2015/10/cile-udrzitelneho-rozvoje-sdgs-fakta.html
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