21:48 GMT24 November 2020
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    Following the talks between Syrian and Russian presidents in Moscow, many French parliamentarians now seem to be ready for a political dialogue with Bashar Assad, although a personal meeting between the French and Syrian leaders is still unlikely, Jacques Myard, a member of the French National Assembly told RT France.

    Many members of the French parliament now realize that President Assad must be included into a dialogue on a political solution to the military crisis in Syria, even though many French politicians have dismissed the option before, Jacques Myard said.

    The politician acknowledged that the position of France regarding the ongoing conflict remains somewhat reticent, but many parliamentarians want to assess the reality on the ground and want to start discussing the matters with official Damascus.

    Jacques Myard however added that the talks between the Syrian and French leaders still remain unlikely.

    The comments come after the presidents of Russia and Syria met in Moscow to discuss the situation on the ground in war-torn Syria.

    Jacques Myard said that Assad’s trip to Moscow was part of the political settlement of the conflict and stressed that the government of President Assad should certainly become one of the parties to the international political dialogue, which Russia has always been calling for.

    The politician also stressed that the settlement of the conflict also requires that some of the countries in the region should stop arming jihadist groups operating in the region, such as the Islamic State or Al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front.


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