14:19 GMT06 May 2021
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    The Western media seems to be so upset with the success of Russia’s anti-ISIL campaign that it has gone as far as accusing the Russian Foreign Ministry’s overseas envoys of “disparaging the efforts of the US and its allies, who have armed non-extremist anti-government forces in the country.”

    This complaint, voiced by the UK newspaper The Independent, came in response to a tweet posted by Russia's Embassy in the United Arab Emirates.

    The tweet features "Today's Picture Puzzle", where the viewer is invited to "Arm the Right Syrian Rebel Group" by cutting out a paper grenade launcher and pasting it atop one of 7+ Islamist militants.

    The pictures of the Islamist militants, which have different labels such as 'Ansar Al-Deen Islamic Front' and 'Army of Mujahedeen', are all identical, implying that there is absolutely no difference between the rebels and that arming any one of them will lead to an identical outcome.

    The tweeted image sparked irritation from The Independent, which claimed it was “an apparent attempt to disparage the efforts of the US and its allies who have armed non-extremist anti-government forces in the country.”

    Screenshot of Bloody Military Contractors facebook page
    Screenshot of Bloody Military Contractors facebook page

    The image, however, first appeared on the Facebook page of the Bloody Military Contractors group back on September 24, 2014.

    The Independent however did not elaborate why it took it so long to respond.


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