14:08 GMT16 June 2021
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    Russian President Vladimir Putin has concluded his much-anticipated address at the 70th session of the UN General Assembly in New York.

    The Russian president gave Russia's position on an array of issues, from the crises in the Middle East and Ukraine, to terrorism, climate change and economic issues affecting the world community.

    International security, counterterrorism, climate change, reform of the UN Security Council and human rights are high on the agenda of this year's session.

    The 70th session of the UN General Assembly officially kicked off at the UN Headquarters on September 15. The Assembly's annual general debate involving heads of state and government opened earlier on Monday, September 28. The general debate at the UN General Assembly is taking place between September 28 and October 3.

    The Russian president's speech was preceded by speeches by other world leaders, including US President Barack Obama, Chinese President Xi Jinping, and Jordan's King Abdullah.

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    • 16:25

      The Russian president ends his address.

    • 16:22

      Putin speaks about world economic issues and climate change.

      "We propose convening a special forum under UN auspieces on depletion of natural resources". Russia is ready to co-sponsor this forum.

      Putin slams "secretive" trade pacts:

    • 16:19

      Putin speaks about Ukraine.

      Compliance with the Minsk agreements is essential for achieving peace in war-torn Ukraine, Putin says.

      Ukrainian integrity cannot be preserved by threats or use of force, interests of Donbass residents must be respected.

    • 16:19

      US officials are conspicuously absent during Putin's address.

    • 16:14

      "We must be guided by common values, not ambitions."

      Putin proposes the creation of a broad international anti-terrorist coalition, just like the anti-Hitler coalition one.

      Muslim countries should play a crucial role in this coalition, says Putin. The so-called "Islamic state" perverts the humanistic nature of Islam.

    • 16:13

      Refusal to cooperate with Syria's legitimate authorities is a mistake.

    • 16:08

      "We are different and that should be respected."

      Putin: The Soviet experiment to export its ideology often led to tragic consequences. We should not repeat this experience.

      "Do you realise now what you have done?" Putin asks those who have attempted to "export revolutions" in the post-Cold War world.

      ISIL did not come from nowhere. "It was designed as a tool against undesirable secular regimes."

    • 16:05

      Putin speaks about the uniploar world which emerged after the Cold War ended.

    • 16:03

      Putin speaks on the role of the UN in the post-WWII world.

      Putin: The Yalta system [which shaped the post-WWII world] was born at the cost of millions of lives and two world wars.

    • 16:01

      The Russian president prepares to deliver his address.

      Vladimir Putin steps up to the podium.

      Putin's speech gets underway.


    • 15:53

      Speaking now is King of Jordan Abdullah.

      King Abdullah: "When did fear and intimidation creep so insidiously into our conversation?"

      King Abdullah: "Today, Syrian refugees constitute 20% of my country's population."

      From left, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron and US President Barack Obama.

      West Looks to Russia to Atone for Failed Policy Over Syria

      Washington and its allies are increasingly looking to Russia, as well as Iran, in order to clear up the mess it has caused in Syria, according to commentators. Even former UK Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox says the US would welcome Russian intervention.
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    • 15:52

      Why the GA remains the single most important international platform.


      In his interview with Rose, Putin stressed that he wants to "use this international platform to explain Russia's vision of today's international relations, as well as the future of this organization and the global community." He stressed that the UN remains the sole universal international organization charged with maintaining global peace. "In this sense it has no alternative today."


    • 15:50

      Russia's Role in UN History

      In his recent interview for 60 Minutes with Charlie Rose, Putin noted that it's important to remember that the decision to establish the United Nations was made at the Yalta Conference in 1945.


      The president stressed that the USSR was a founding member of the UN, and a permanent member of its Security Council, with Russia serving as the USSR's successor state.


      Russian President Vladimir Putin gives interview for CBS and PBS channels

      60 Minutes of Putin: Assad Combats Terrorism, US-Backed Fighters Join ISIL

      Ahead of his much anticipated address at the 70th UN General Assembly in New York, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with American talk show host and journalist Charlie Rose and shed some light on what he is going to talk about.
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    • 15:46

      Before Putin starts his address, have a look at this selection of his recent quotes on policy matters.

      Russian President V. Putin takes part in work of the first Eastern economic forum. September 4, 2015

      The President's Speech: Best Quotes of Vladimir Putin Ahead of UNGA Address

      On September 28, Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to deliver his speech at the 70th UN General Assembly in New York.
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    • 15:45

      Putin works on the text of his speech at the UN General Assembly on his own.


      "Preparation for the speech has been going on for about a month. The president traditionally sketches main ideas, then his speechwriters and experts put on paper a raw version, and then, for a few weeks, the president works on the text on his own, which he edits later," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.


    • 15:44

      Meanwhile, the Russian President has arrived at UN headquarters.

    • 15:40

      Chinese leader Xi Jinping is addressing the UN General Assembly.

      Xi: "China will never pursue hegemony, expansion, or sphere of influence."

    • 13:10

      The 70th jubilee session of the UN General Assembly is underway in New York.


      Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is currently in New York to take part in the 70th session of the UN General Assembly, is expected to speak about the situation in Syria and the international cooperation in the fight against terrorism, among other issues.



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