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    US servicemen take part in a military drill in Yavoriv polygon, Lviv district, western Ukraine, on July 24, 2015.

    US Must Learn From Experience, Relate Strategy to Consequences - Kissinger

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    The US refuses to learn from experience: it should not engage in international conflicts if, at the beginning, it cannot describe an end, and if it is not willing to sustain the effort needed to achieve that end – American former National Security Advisor and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger stated regarding America’s current foreign policy.

    American present-day politics are done by “ahistorical people”, as in schools they don’t learn history “as a sequence of events, but rather as terms of themes without context” – Henry Kissinger said in an interview with the US bimonthly magazine on international affairs The National Interest.

    “The trouble with America’s wars since the end of the Second World War has been the failure to relate strategy to what is possible domestically,” he explained.

    “The five wars we’ve fought since the end of World War II were all started with great enthusiasm. But the hawks did not prevail at the end. At the end, they were in a minority."

    "We should not engage in international conflicts if, at the beginning, we cannot describe an end, and if we’re not willing to sustain the effort needed to achieve that end.”

    The former high-ranking politician also elaborated on the emergence and the nature of the military conflict in Ukraine.

    “So, what happens in Ukraine cannot be put into a simple formula of applying principles that worked in Western Europe, not that close to Stalingrad and Moscow. In that context, one has to analyze how the Ukraine crisis occurred.”

    It is not conceivable that Putin spends sixty billion euros on turning a summer resort into a winter Olympic village in order to start a military crisis the week after a concluding ceremony that depicted Russia as a part of Western civilization, Kissinger explained.

    “So then, one has to ask: How did that happen?” he questioned.

    “I saw Putin at the end of November 2013. He raised a lot of issues; Ukraine he listed at the end as an economic problem that Russia would handle via tariffs and oil prices.”

    And then the politician provided his explanation of the causes of the standoff.

    “The first mistake was the inadvertent conduct of the European Union. They did not understand the implications of some of their own conditions. Ukrainian domestic politics made it look impossible for Yanukovych to accept the EU terms and be reelected or for Russia to view them as purely economic.”

    “So the Ukrainian president rejected the EU terms. The Europeans panicked, and Putin became overconfident. He perceived the deadlock as a great opportunity to implement immediately what had heretofore been his long-range goal. He offered fifteen billion dollars to draw Ukraine into his Eurasian Union.”

    In all of this, he said, America was passive. There was no significant political discussion with Russia or the EU of what was in the making. Each side acted sort of rationally based on their misconception of the other, while Ukraine slid into the Maidan uprising right in the middle of what Putin had spent ten years building as a recognition of Russia’s status.

    “No doubt in Moscow this looked as if the West was exploiting what had been conceived as a Russian festival to move Ukraine out of the Russian orbit. Then Putin started acting like a Russian czar — like Nicholas I over a century ago. I am not excusing the tactics, only setting them in context,” he said.

    If the West treats Russia seriously as a great power, the politician added, it needs to determine at an early stage whether Russia’s concerns can be reconciled with the West’s needs. The West should explore the possibilities of a status of non-military grouping in the territory between Russia and the existing frontiers of NATO.

    “The West hesitates to take on the economic recovery of Greece; it’s surely not going to take on Ukraine as a unilateral project. So one should at least examine the possibility of some cooperation between the West and Russia in a militarily non-aligned Ukraine,” he explained.

    “The Ukraine crisis is turning into a tragedy because it is confusing the long-range interests of global order with the immediate need of restoring Ukrainian identity. I favor an independent Ukraine in its existing borders. I have advocated it from the start of the post-Soviet period. When you read now that Muslim units are fighting on behalf of Ukraine, then the sense of proportion has been lost.”

    Kissinger also made his projections for the future, warning against “breaking the back of the Russian government”, as nobody actually knows what the consequences would be.

    “Breaking Russia has become an objective; the long-range purpose should be to integrate it,” he furthermore urged.


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      Bull crap. Why does Sputnik publish such lies about the ukraine crisis and an article that insults the Russian President who did not cause the ukraine crisis, but react to it.
      Kissinger ignores the role played by Nuland, and mccain on the maidan.
      He lies when he says that the U.S. was passive. The U.S. has driven the ukraine crisis from the beginning; bullying the stupid EU to follow their policy.
      Kissinger is s war criminal who should be in jail.
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      The last sentence of Henry K : "the long-range purpose should be to integrate it". To integrate Russia into what? Integrate ? Into E.U/Nato/N.A.? Dear Mr. Kissinger: it is the latter who will need Russia, they will have one day to talk seriously to a great Power on earth, to a great Nation, and if your concept of assimilating, integrating, fusioning,other peoples needs to be revised. Today, it is the other way developing: Peoples, Nations, Countries want their own identity, culture, History, language, customs, they do not want this (is it yours ?) idea of one-world government....It was good try, I must say, but somebody appeared on the stage guided by Providence and with humility & dignity, he will create order where only CHAOS,CATASTROPHES were created everywhere by your "mighty" hegemonic U.S. Sir, leave Russia's borders and look after N.A. which is crumbling. Ad astra per ardua.
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      I used to be deceived by Kissinger's words, but I analyze his words more carefully now. He blames Ukraine on what he calls an opportunistic action by Putin, which his says was created by a US hesitation to be even more aggressive. That's what he's saying. They are the the same talking points that the GOP of AIPAC uses, that Obama is inconsistent and weak in his foreign policy. Those are Israeli talking points, not US best interests.

      In plain language Kissinger is saying that the only way to subdue Russia and make it a servant of the West is to cease providing Russia the opportunity to act in its own best interests. He is scolding the US (Obama) for allowing Putin to accept Crimea back into Russia, etc.

      I have mixed feelings about Sputnik publishing this. I fear it will appear as an endorsement of Kissinger, but I also believe that it is each person's responsibility to not be deceived. It's important to know what people like Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski are saying because most Western political leaders are influenced, if not controlled, by them and those like them, Nuland, etc..
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      Dr. Kissinger suffers from the American syndrome "ahistory". Studying Russian history would be helpful. Nickolas I was Czar of Russia from 1825-1855. Czar Nickolas II was Czar from 1894-1917 ("a century ago"). If Dr Kissinger would like to compare President Putin to a Russian Czar, he should choose Peter the Great!
    • avatar
      What is he saying? What a huge lie, as huge as his age. Such articles should not be published they bring nothing.
    • avatar
      ''In all of this, he said, America was passive.''

      Oh dear! I think Kissinger has Alzheimer... if not... he LIES! Remember Nuland and her ''F**k EU'' conversation? Remember her confession about 5 USD billions to ''implement'' DEMOCRAZY in Ukraine (financial criminal $oro$ is part of the deal)?

      German, French & Polish FM signed an agreement with Yanukovich & the so-called Ukrainian opposition in 19-20 of Feb 2014.

      The Ukr opposition did NOT keep the promises and with the West help (US and its bootlickers) - they made a coup in Kiev. The West installed an illegitimate illegal gov: Yats & co.

      In April 2014, when Eastern Ukraine asked for the same rights as Crimea had when it was part of Ukraine, the CRIMINAL Kiev gov sent the army & neo-nazi private battalions (financed by oligarch Kolomisky) to shell them (ATO).

      TV5 Monde presented several small reportages back then - and the Eastern Ukrainians did NOT want to secede. They only wanted more autonomy within the Ukrainian borders.
      On the 25th of May 2015 Poroshenko - who promised PEACE and national RECONCILIATION during his presidential campaign - was elected as president by the West Ukraine. He LIED: he continued the WAR.

      As long as the West will continue to support the CRIMINAL gov & president in Kiev - the Eastern Ukrainians will die!

      Their death are on your conscience... but I seriously doubt that you (and other so-called EU leaders have such a thing...)
    • avatar
      I do not see ANYONE at this moment treating RF as equal, probably because for the "exceptional one" thee is NO such thing as an equal. Us-EU-Canada should start seriously reconsidering their IDIOTIC policy of expansionism.
    • When this lying khazar prophet ("I favor an independent Ukraine in its existing borders") starts adding smoke and mirrors, it only confirms what we suspected when yats/porky started squeezing the ethnic Russian language rights, the khazar plan was to hive off a New Khazaria (to serve as their backup state if expelled from apartheid israel) from a divided Ukraine (a la Yugoslavia), with Odessa as capital and to include Crimea. All using,whilst the dumb unsuspecting goyim wasps would not figure out, a US State Dept under kagan/khazar control.But the spiritual power of a revived Russian Orthodox Church has prevented the latter day bolsheviks from their evil plans. What this fool Kissinger does not know is ihor/yats/porky/pyatt and cohorts still have a price to pay for the death and destruction over the ethnic Russians in Ukraine, the bolsheviks will be shot down as they flee to israel in their 24/7 waiting private jets.
    • revwalkingturtle
      From the article:

      “Breaking Russia has become an objective; the long-range purpose should be to integrate it,” he furthermore urged.

      First: It is impossible to discount Doctor Kissinger's likely desire to cover his warhawk elite friends'/minyan's morbidly obese war-industrial butts just a little. Those people are dreadfully deadly... Surely he needs to stay on the War Mafia's *GOOD* side, hm. So he makes nice in public her as he simply likely could not in the NYTimes, hm. (Just sayin'.)

      2) It truly appears to these eyes that Doctor Kissinger prefers a US foreign police that is more amoeba-like than the present virulent onslaught of aggressive "Regime Change" infection. The possibility of the US and Europe ever freely and voluntarily joining-up - or even at minimum actually getting along as GOOD neighbors AND trustworthy Trading Partners all the way around with the BRICS at some future, more peaceable time (Heaven hasten the day!) is conspicuously absent from his summation, isn't it, hm. (Just sayin'.)

      Noticeable, that bit, hm. Just sayin'. And that is all. 0{:-)o[
    • avatar
      Kissinger Fark! I thought he died out like the Vietnam war a propaganda secretariat no more no less just full of shit and it fueled the american dream of fighting another war no matter if we win or lose our economy will grow and we'll produce more advance war machinery at MDouglas, Boeing, Northrop, GE, etc. and when the war stops we'll sell our advanced weapons to the world to make more wars for us to fight and make money from.
      That's the Kissinger theory and he hasn't changed for what is written above is BS.
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