20:29 GMT23 January 2021
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    After the Ghost of Communism terrified Europe for the better part of the 20th century, there is now a new “evil” sneaking up on Europe – the “ghost of Russian propaganda,” Italian news website Globalist.it reported.

    Europeans are freaking out about the alleged danger that can come with the spread of Russian propaganda. In their paranoid minds, the all-powerful information war-machine led by Vladimir Putin will "brainwash" the minds of innocent European citizens and turn them into Kremlin-loving zombies.

    However, a sober look at the real balance of power between Western and Russian media shows the opposite. The fact of the matter is that Western media is much more powerful than its Russian counterpart, Globalist said.

    While EU leaders scream at the top of their lungs about the rise of the Russian propaganda machine, hundreds of Western media channels and media outlets work tirelessly to spread Western values across the world. Every day of the week, Western TV channels, news agencies, magazines, radio stations, websites and bloggers vigorously analyze and interpret every single event in the world and give it to their audiences from the Western point of view, the Italian website said. Which is why it's amusing to see Federica Mogherini panicking about "the ghost of Russian propaganda" allegedly taking over Europe. The superiority and effectiveness of Russian propaganda? Come on, really?

    All this hard work has paid off. This information (read: propaganda) has reached the minds of not only the citizens of Western countries, but quickly spread across the entire globe. The Western perspective has become the new status-quo, the unquestionable and hegemonic state of a new global reality.

    So, if that's the case, then why is the West worried about Russian propaganda? After all, in contrast with Western media companies, Russian media agencies have a significantly smaller audience.

    Although the all-mighty Western media controls everything, there are some folks out there who can think for themselves, critically analyze and draw their own conclusions on things happening around the world. These people create problems for the monopoly of Western media, because they can think outside of the box and read alternative media sources.

    Russian media agencies provide an alternative outlook on global affairs. Due to their smaller budgets and outreach, they can't equally compete with top Western media corporations. But what they do successfully is wedge into the global media field, provide alternative points of view and most importantly break Western media's monopoly, Globalist.it said.

    What's really happening here is simple: the West is worried that it no longer has full control of the media field. The superiority remains, but the monopoly has been shattered.


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