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    The disappearance of the Malaysian Flight MH370 is still shrouded in mystery, prompting specialists and Internet users to suggest new ideas and conspiracy theories about the fate of the infamous flight.

    Ekaterina Blinova — A year ago Malaysian Flight MH370 suddenly vanished without a trace in the early hours of March 8, 2014, however, despite all the efforts of international rescue teams, the fate of 239 passengers and the crew is still shrouded in mystery.

    The Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 departed Kuala Lumpur on March 8 (16:41 GMT, 7 March) heading to Beijing. A few hours later the plane vanished from air traffic and military radars. A thorough search carried out by international rescue teams across tens of thousands of square miles of ocean has brought no results. Since no physical evidence has yet been found a number of conspiracy theories have been circulating the Internet since then ranging from logical arguments to bizarre alien abduction stories.

    MH370 Shot Down by US Military

    Marc Dugain, the former Proteus Airlines CEO claimed that Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 could have been shot down by the US military. The former CEO underscored that in our technological age, a 63-meter aircraft simply cannot vanish without a trace. According to Dugain, the Boeing 777 was remotely hijacked by US military over the Indian Ocean, while it was approaching to the American Diego Garcia Navy base and then shot down, apparently in order to prevent a 9/11 style attack. The former Proteus Airline CEO referred to Diego Garcia locals who claimed they saw a huge airplane painted in Malaysia Airlines color flying at a low altitude above the island. This operation was carefully covered up by the US military, according to Dugain, who was reportedly warned by a British intelligence serviceman against "taking risks" while investigating the tragedy.  It is worth mentioning that Emirates airlines CEO Sir Tim Clark also suggested there could have conspiracy behind the disappearance of MH370, expressing skepticism about the complete lack of aircraft debris.

    Mysterious Chinese Blogger Warned Against "The Black Hand"

    A mysterious Chinese blogger calling himself "Landlord" who allegedly "predicted" the AirAsia QZ8501 catastrophe in December 2014, insisted that the same people who brought down MH370 were planning a new assault against Air Asia. "Landlord" revealed that the powerful group, dubbed "The Black Hand" hijacked and shot down MH370 to destroy the 6th largest airline – Malaysian airline, hinting that "it all has something to do with the US." He urged his Chinese compatriots to avoid AirAsia, claiming that otherwise they could "disappear like those on MH370," two weeks before the  AirAsia QZ8501 tragedy.

    Malaysia Airliner Hijacked by Terrorists Responsible for 9/11

    A message is seen to show the delayed arrival of the missing Malaysian flight on an electronic board at the Beijing Capital International Airport in Beijing, capital of China
    © East News / Imago Sport and News
    American Professor Kevin Barrett believes that the plane could have been remotely hijacked by hackers. According to the professor, the perpetrators used a special Flight Termination system, developed by Dov Zakheim's company. Dr. Barrett claimed that the same group of radicals was behind the 9/11 tragedy and the Malaysian airliner disappearance. He revealed that the Flight Termination System was developed by a company run by radical Zionist Dov Zakheim, who was allegedly tied to the Pentagon. The system allowed a conspirator to hijack the aircrafts from either the ground or another plane. Dr. Barrett pointed out several similarities between the two incidents. For instance, in both cases airliners unexpectedly changed their course, lost transponders and then completely disappeared from radars. He also exposed some cell phones anomalies, pointing to the fact that the family members of the Malaysian Flight reported that two days after the plane vanished without a trace cell phones of some of passengers were still switched on. That means they must have been near a cell phone tower, and so far the plane cannot have gone down in the water, according to the professor. 

    MH370 Hijacked by Islamists and Kept in Afghanistan

    Some of conspiracy theorists suggested that the missing MH370 airliner could have been abducted by Islamists and flown to a Taliban controlled area of Afghanistan. Reportedly, the Malaysian authorities had even requested a diplomatic permission to investigate the theory that the aircraft was diverted to one of Taliban's strongholds on the Afghan border in North West Pakistan. Curiously enough, a retired United States Air Force Lieutenant General, Thomas McInerney, publicly claimed on one of the American television channels that the missing Boeing 777 could have been flown to Pakistan.  

    MH370 Disappearance Linked to Edward Snowden

    According to another theory, Flight MH370’s mysterious disappearance could have been an attempt to assassinate hi-tech specialists who had ties with Edward Snowden, the former NSA contractor. It is worth mentioning that the plane was carrying 20 specialists of Freescale Semiconductor: twelve of them were Malaysian nationals, while eight employees were from China. The group was allegedly developing components for hi-tech weapons system, embedded smartphone technology, defense contracting and aircraft navigation. Benjamin Radford, an American writer, believed that the employees could have been tied with Edward Snowden and obtained valuable information about his projects and revelations. So, the plane was hijacked and destroyed to prevent further exposure of sensitive information, noted the author.

    The fact that no physical evidence was left after the MH370 alleged catastrophe prompted some "creative" Internet users to suggest that the notorious aircraft was abducted by aliens, claiming that future generations might discover the Boeing's debris on Mars. Some of theorists dismissed this story as ridiculous and declared in their turn that it was demonic Illuminati who hijacked the plane.

    Still, the mystery surrounding the Malaysian Flight MH370 remains unresolved…


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