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    Ukrainian Election Haste Might Lead To New Maidan – Experts

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    Turbulence in Ukraine (400)
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    New Maidan might erupt if Kiev rushes for elections, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Sergey Zheleznyak said at the press conference at RIA Novosti on Monday.

    MOSCOW, March 31 (RIA Novosti), Daria Chernyshova - New Maidan might erupt if Kiev rushes for elections, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Sergey Zheleznyak said at the press conference at RIA Novosti on Monday.

    "Attempts to rush a political campaign are doomed to fail as anyone elected now will be unfavored by the majority of Ukrainians. That will lead to a new Maidan and new series of what the horror that we've seen over the past 3 months," he said.

    The credibility for the upcoming presidential election in Ukraine remains low and many predict the vote to be unfair. Sergei Markov, the director of the Institute for Political Studies, says one of the likely scenarios is that a new "Ukra- Saakashvili" leads the country after May 25 election. He added that the new president will receive money for the army. "Just as the Georgian army was trained, Ukrainian army would be trained with the American army, by the American coaches, will be equipped with the American weapons, will fight under the American charter, in the American uniform, with the help of the American satellites and intelligence. This army will attack the Russian army in the Crimea in two or three years, just as Saakashvili ordered to attack the Russian army in South Ossetia in 2008," Markov said.

    The experts reminded that prior to the February impeachment the presidential election was slated for 2015 and Ukrainians dissatisfied with President Yanukovich's decision to postpone signing of the Association Agreements with EU had to wait less than a year to replace him.  "They had to organize themselves and wait for less than a year to change the president they didn't like. However, instead the protests were radicalized with the direct support of the Western politicians and diplomats. I can't quite understand the reasons why they needed it," Sergey Zheleznyak said.

    Last November Viktor Yanukovych announced the postponement of association and free-trade deals with the EU as the conditions were unfavorable for Ukraine, where 65 percent of the economy is tied to Russia and the Russian market.

    The current situation over Ukraine and the tensions with the West regarding the Crimea resemble the 1961 Cuban Missile Crisis, but vice versa, Markov said commenting on the American ships in the Black Sea.  "Russia instead of the US, the US instead of the USSR," Markov said.

    "It started with the USSR using the allied regime in Cuba to deploy missiles. Now Washington uses the allied regime in Kiev. Just as such military-political participation was unacceptable for Kennedy, it is unacceptable for Putin," Markov said.

    The analyst went on calling in Obama to find Kennedy's wisdom to move towards peace and the values of democracy.

    The experts reiterated Russia's position first outlined last year by President Putin, that it is up to the Ukrainians to decide on their fate, on who they want to be wit - the East or the West. They also stressed that Moscow's goal was to avoid escalation of tension and bloodshed. Russia does not want Ukraine to split and the only way out is diplomatic and humanitarian solution based in free will of Ukraine's multinational population.

    Turbulence in Ukraine (400)
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