13:05 GMT +321 February 2019
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    Morning re-cap of main news, December 13

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    * Iran has rejected in advance a new UN Security Council resolution, which is currently coordinated by the Iran-6, Ali Larijani, the country's top nuclear negotiator, said

    * German investigators are considering the possibility that polonium-210 was smuggled through the country and might be connected to the radioactive poisoning of Russian security service defector Alexander Litvinenko in London

    * Measures by Russian regulators are disrupting work on the vast Sakhalin II oil and gas project in Russia's Far East, the project operator said

    * Russia's Industry and Energy Minister Viktor Khristenko confirmed that state-run energy giant Gazprom is in talks on possible involvement in the Shell-led $22-billion Sakhalin II energy project

    * Yury Baluyevsky, the head of the Russian armed forces' general staff, said:

    - Russia disapproves of U.S. plans to deploy an anti-missile shield in Eastern Europe, and believes the move may adversely affect global as well as European security

    - UN Security Council sanctions against Iran may freeze negotiations on the country's nuclear program

    * The industry and energy ministry said that the liberalization of Russia's gas and electricity prices will not affect household utility rates, which will continue to be regulated by the state

    * The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development said its board of directors has endorsed a 100 million euro loan for a Russian project aimed at upgrading the nation's fleet of medium-haul commercial jetliners

    * Moscow has protested against the distortion of history and attempts to conceal the truth regarding Nazi crimes, including the Holocaust, a spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry said

    * A Moscow court sanctioned the arrest of a fourth suspect in an attempt to assassinate Anatoly Chubais, the head Russia's electricity monopoly and a pioneer of post-Soviet economic reforms

    * Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov criticized a U.S. proposal to discuss Belarus' human rights record at a UN Security Council session, saying the issue has nothing to do with the challenges to global security and peace that the body was set up to address

    * Belarus' Foreign Ministry called on the U.S. to stop focusing its attention on the Belarusian opposition and begin discussing serious world problems at the UN instead

    * Ukraine's parliament passed a final bill in a series of amendments intended to harmonize the country's laws prior to its accession to the World Trade Organization

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