12:38 GMT +317 February 2019
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    Suspect in Bush assassination attempt wants to escape prison

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    TBLISI, August 18 (RIA Novosti) - Vladimir Artuyunyan, accused of attempting to assassinate the Georgian and U.S. presidents, is confident that he will be able to escape from prison, the Georgian news agency Novosti Gruziya reported.

    On Thursday, the Georgian Interior Ministry released footage for broadcast on Georgian TV channels of the prisoner, in which he spoke of his plans for escape.

    "It's not that I'll try to get out, I'm sure I'll get out. I'm 90% sure. Even though I'm in prison at the moment and you can see all the security everywhere," he said.

    Before the broadcast, the Georgian Interior Ministry said on its official website that Artyunyan was preparing to escape.

    The message on the website also said that the prisoner was "trying to inflict bodily injuries on himself."

    "Arutyunyan thinks that in doing this he will manage to get extradited to another country," the message said.

    Artyunyan is being observed by CCTV.

    The 27-year-old was arrested on July 21 in Tblisi. While under arrest, Arutyunyan killed a police officer.

    Arutyunyan was found guilty on several counts: attempting to stage a terrorist attack, premeditated murder and the illegal storage, preparation and use of firearms.

    Immediately after his arrest, Artyunyan admitted throwing a grenade at the platform on which the U.S. and Georgian presidents were standing on May 10 on Freedom Square in Tblisi. He also said he was ready to make further attempts on U.S. President George Bush's life.

    If found guilty, Arutyunyan faces life in prison.