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    JAKARTA, May 3 (RIA Novosti, Mikhail Tsyganov) - Russia's role in WWII helped Indonesia gain independence, said prominent Indonesian figures speaking at the opening of Days of Russia in the Indonesia University Tuesday.

    "It was your victory in 1945 that made it possible for our country to become independent," said Professor Usman Chatib Warsa, the head of the leading Indonesian university.

    The victory of Russia and its allies in Europe had a serious impact on the developments on the Asian front, said Hazairin Pohan, the director for Central and Eastern European Affairs of the Indonesian Foreign Affairs Department.

    "It opened up an opportunity for our country to gain long-awaited independence," he said.

    "It is no less important that when some of the former allies (in particular, Great Britain and the Netherlands) later invaded our country to restore the Dutch colonial rule, Moscow offered a helping hand to Jakarta," said the diplomat.

    "The aid included both weapons supplies and great assistance on the international diplomatic arena," he said.

    "It was of tremendous importance for us, and the Indonesians still remember about it," said Pohan.

    Warsa said both Russia and Indonesia were big countries and therefore their multifaceted interaction was of huge importance.

    "We remember well the help the Soviet Union provided us under President Sukarno, and we are hopeful that Russia will not forget about our country and cooperation between us," said Warsa.

    He added that Indonesia would particularly appreciate Russia's assistance in personnel training in the Russian language, natural sciences, technology, healthcare and law.

    He said he was going to discuss these issues during his upcoming trip to Moscow in the next few months.

    During the ceremony, Russia's Ambassador in Jakarta Mikhail Bely took the floor.

    A choir of students studying Russian performed at the ceremony followed by Russian diplomats singing wartime songs. Tonight and in the next few days of the function, residents of Jakarta will be able to see classical Russian films about the war.

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