1 July 2014, 19:50

US Out Of World Cup: Belgium To Face Argentina In Quarterfinals

By Tawab Malekzad

WASHINGTON (VR)—The United States has been knocked out of the World Cup after losing 2-1 against Belgium during over time today. Kevin De Bruyne and Romelu Lukaku scored two goals for Belgium at 93’ and 105’ minutes, and Julian Green scored for the United States at the 107’.

Belgium had a total of 27 shots on the goal. The US goalkeeper saved 16 shots; it is the highest number of saves in a World Cup game. He deserved to be in the winning team.

Today was not the first day that Jurgen Klinsmann’s team, the U.S. National Team head coach, faced Belgium on the soccer field. During 1994’s World Cup Germany defeated Belgium 3-2 and Klinsmann scored a goal against Belgium. It is also not the first US loss against Belgium: they lost 4-2 during a friendly game in May, 2013.

US soccer fans gathered at Washington D.C.’s Freedom Plaza to watch the game on a giant screen sponsored by the city. They could not hide their disappointment for the elimination of the American squad.

“I expect the US to win 1-0,” said Shawn Ellis to VR before the game started, “because soccer is an international sport, and because the US team is playing really well. Yes, there has been an increase in the number of soccer fans in the US.”

Since the start of the World Cup, there has been an increase of people interested in soccer among Americans to the extent that celebrities, such as Will Ferrell and Jennifer Lopez, are posting their pictures and videos chanting, “USA USA USA!” The US game against Ghana drew the third largest audience in cable history.

Nick Damon, a team USA supporter told VR that “we played really well during the first half and if we keep playing like that during the second half we will win.” Damon also added that “the reason that there has been an increase in the number of Americans watching soccer is because our national team is playing and I expect the interest to decrease once the US is knocked out.”

Throughout the first half, the US team had a great strategy of attacking and defending but after the second half they lost their momentum. There were many scoring opportunities for the US team but the offense failed to take advantage of the opportunities.

The game was the fifth in this World Cup that has gone into overtime. Belgium will now face Argentina on July 5 for a ticket to the semifinals.

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