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People of faith often admit to having doubts about the existence of God but the Archbishop of Canterbury surprised many when he voiced his own internal tussle with belief. He told a gathering that he sometimes struggled with doubts over whether God existed although he did say that his faith always triumphed in the end. VoR's Brendan Cole spoke to Gillan Scott, deputy editor of the religious blog Archbishop Cranmer.

In a surprise change of stance, the former leader of the Church of England George Carey said today that he would support a British bill to allow assisted suicide in some circumstances. In his first intervention in the debate, the current Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby reiterated his and the Church's opposition to the bill, ahead of its second reading next week in parliament's upper chamber, the House of Lords.


Britain is no longer “a nation of believers”, the former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has said. But he believes Britain has a “cultural memory” that remains “quite strongly Christian”. His remarks come after PM David Cameron said that Britain remained a “Christian country”. VoR's Simon Parker reports.

Street and slum children are the most vulnerable to environmental hazards, climate change and natural disasters., according to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby in his Easter letter. His comments come as millions of Christians around the world celebrated Easter. 7,000 worshippers gathered in Moscow's Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.

The Prince of Wales has said he fears that the bridges between Christianity and Islam are being destroyed. Addressing Middle Eastern clerics alongside the Archbishop of Canterbury, Prince Charles said the relationship between the faiths has reached crisis point, with evidence that Christians across the Middle East are being targeted and persecuted. VoR’s Juliet Spare reports.

On the day that its General Synod once again debates the thorny issues of women bishops, a former Archbishop of Canterbury has said that the Church of England is "one generation away from extinction". Lord Carey of Clifton said that today’s Church was too old fashioned and in dire need to attract young people. VoR’s Tim Walklate reports.

The Church of England was thrown into disarray at the end of last year when its governing body – the General Synod – voted against allowing women to become bishops. Interestingly it was not the clergy, in the main, who opposed the idea of female bishops but members of the laity – the Anglicans who are not priests.
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, was inaugurated at Canterbury Cathedral on Thursday. Bishops from the Church of England, Primates of the wider 80 million worldwide Anglican Communion and ecumenical guests attended the service. VoR's Simon Parker reports.
The Church of England voted on Tuesday against legislation allowing women to become bishops. After hours of debate, the draft legislation was backed by bishops and clergy in the General Synod, the Church legislature, but failed to gain the necessary two-thirds majority amongst lay members.
Justin Welby, the bishop of Durham, is expected to be appointed as the new Archbishop of Canterbury on Friday. The former oil executive has only been a bishop for little more than a year, but his supporters say he will bring life experience to the role, as the head of the Anglican faith.
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