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In Conversation
Tim Ecott hosts this occasional series of in-depth interviews. Authors, politicians, adventurers and extraordinary individuals with a story to tell explain their motivations, their inspirations and their views. In Conversation gives guests the chance to express themselves at length, and to be questioned intensively under studio conditions.
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Moscow audiences will be entertained on November 29  by the British musical trio 'Blake'. Humphrey Berney, Ollie Baines and Stephen Bowman have had tremendous success performing for the British Royal Family, at national sporting events and touring around the world with their mixture of classical, opera and popular music.

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London remains one of the world's top tourism destinations - not least of all for Russian visitors. Perhaps unsurprisingly, there's a market for tour guides who are native Russian speakers. One of them is a former Muscovite, Konstnatin Pinaev who takes groups of Russian visitors around the capital on foot - using themed itineraries based loosely on the destinations familiar to anyone who's ever played the game of Monopoly. Around London in 40 Steps is his company. He explained what sort of Russian visitors went on his tours.