Leaked documents obtained by the Sunday Times appeared to reveal that a company owned by Mr Blair, Tony Blair Associates (TBA), arranged deals between Saudi oil company PetroSaudi and Chinese officials during the former PM’s visit to Beijing in November 2010.

The documents reveal that Mr Blair stood to earn £41,000 a month and a 2 percent commission on each transaction for his work, which lasted a few months.

It is understood that this is the first time that one of Mr Blair’s commercial dealings has been made public since leaving office in 2007.

The revelations have raised questions over Mr Blair’s business dealings since leaving office, particularly given his diplomatic role as Middle East Peace Envoy and his highly controversial decision to send British troops to Iraq in 2003.

The documents suggest TBA would work to find new investors for PetroSaudi, with particular focus on prominent Chinese political and business figures.

Representatives for TBA confirmed the company had worked for PetroSaudi a number of years ago, but denied any connection with roles Tony Blair held in the Middle East at the time.

PetroSaudi was jointly founded by Saudi businessman Tarek Obaid and one of the sons of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah, Prince Turki bin Abdullah Al Saud.