Barack Obama addressing the UN over targeted strikes on Islamic State

AN: “I would have advised the Russian delegation to walk out of that General Assembly meeting because it was a blatant propaganda by the western states that have created IS. I think for Obama and Cameron to stand there now threatening these people is a bit rich when we remember how their governments have been providing arms and money to these thugs.”

MP: “It is a regional war and because it is we need to draw in all those partners, and the coalition is not deep enough. You have to look at the members of coalition, like the Saudis - who have been funding ISIS - who are in turn incredibly popular in Saudi Arabia because they are spreading the Wahabbi form of the faith. You have to be careful who your partners are.”

JR: “It is going to go down as one of Obama’s greatest speeches, he was on form, he was addressing the delegates and saying we are going to hold you accountable. I think the American people are absolutely behind him on that, even the Republicans agreed on that.”

Ed Miliband's speech at the Labour party conference

MP: “The main thing we would remember from this speech was the ludicrous mansion tax. His chances were remote; I would have thought he has shot himself in the foot with that one. What happens if you have a house for two or three decades and a small income?

AN: “He knows that he will not win so that speech was a: “I don’t really care speech”. He could have hurt the Tories by saying I am going to cap interest on loans on sub-prime lenders. That is it, he has decided we are not going to win.”

Tesco scandal where profits were overstated

MP: “It is a staggeringly huge story, it has been known within the business world, that Tesco had bullying tactics with its suppliers; you do have to ask if other groups have similar relationships with their suppliers. I think the chairman has to go and they need to do a huge clean-up of the books.”

AN: “There will be suspicions that others are doing it as well, so I think it is just the tip of the iceberg. You would expect hacks to go beserk, we did not see that, which means that the election is approaching and people do not want to rock the boat.”

JR: “The old FSA is completely useless, the FCA are just as useless. Where were the auditors, and why haven’t the police come in? You are talking about manipulating the market and stock fraud. Heads should roll, and police should be putting businessman in orange jump suits.”