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The gun attack in the Canadian capital Ottawa, the US mid-term elections, ructions in the European Union and the death of the legendary Washington Post editor Ben Bradley are among the topics tackled in Telling it Like it Is. Joining political analyst Alexander Nekrassov is the Independent journalist Maggie Pagano and on the line is the writer and broadcaster Jeffrey Robinson. Asking the questions is VoR’s Brendan Cole.

The West, notably the United States, has been putting an enormous amount of pressure on Russia, most recently over Ukraine. But it all began much earlier. What exactly is Washington’s goal - is it to bring some sort of positive change to Russia, or is it to cast Russia as an ‘evil empire’, to mould Russia as the perfect enemy? VoR's Dmitry Linnik hosts a discussion.

London remains one of the world's top tourism destinations - not least of all for Russian visitors. Perhaps unsurprisingly, there's a market for tour guides who are native Russian speakers. One of them is a former Muscovite, Konstnatin Pinaev who takes groups of Russian visitors around the capital on foot - using themed itineraries based loosely on the destinations familiar to anyone who's ever played the game of Monopoly. Around London in 40 Steps is his company. He explained what sort of Russian visitors went on his tours.

The US-led airstrikes on ISIS militants in Syria, the Health Secretary’s comments about NHS cuts and a proposed ban on smoking in public spaces in London are among this week’s news items discussed by Alexander Nekrassov, Maggie Pagano and Jeffrey Robinson. VoR’s Brendan Cole asks the questions.

The protests in Hong Kong, the air strikes against ISIS, the Conservative Party Conference, drugs and prostitution boosting the UK economy, NATO’s new Secretary General, the White House intruder are some of the topics covered in this week’s edition of Telling It Like It Is. Joining political analyst Alexander Nekrassov are journalist Maggie Pagano and New York-based writer and broadcaster Jeffrey Robinson.

The Scottish referendum is the main topic in Telling It Like It Is, as discussed by political analyst Alexander Nekrassov and the US-based broadcaster and writer Jeffrey Robinson. Brendan Cole asks the questions. Other topics include the threat of the Islamic State and U2’s musical ambitions.

It is being reported Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko informed Russian President Vladimir Putin of a permanent ceasefire in the Donbass area of eastern Ukraine. If true, will it last and what can we expect moving forward? VoR's Peter Lavelle hosts a discussion.

The execution of the journalist James Foley, the media frenzy surrounding Sir Cliff Richard and the press conference given by Wikileaks founder Julian Assange are among the subjects tackled by the Independent journalist Maggie Pagano and the political analyst and former Kremlin adviser, Alexander Nekrassov. Joining them is VoR's Brendan Cole.

It is not exaggeration to say that Russian President Vladimir Putin is the most recognisable leader in the world today. He is also regularly demonised by the West. What is it about Putin that captures the imagination of so many? Peter Lavelle hosts a discussion.

Western sanctions against Russia have engendered a decisive backlash from Moscow. Russia has returned the favour. Where is this going and is there a way back to normal relations between them? Peter Lavelle hosts a discussion.

Russia has retaliated against the latest sanctions imposed by the West over Ukraine by banning agricultural imports from countries such as the EU and the US for one year. European farmers believe the retaliatory sanctions will have a stinging effect. Prominent voices within the EU have raised concerns about the impact western sanctions will have on local businesses. VoR’s Andrew Korybko, standing in for Peter Lavelle, discusses the effect sanctions from both sides will have on global economies.

Sanctions slapped on Russia, Israel's actions in Gaza, and fears of an Ebola outbreak are among the topics discussed in this week's Telling It Like It Is. The guests are writer and broadcaster Tim Ecott, and former Kremlin adviser and political analyst Alexander Nekrassov, who both join Brendan Cole.

The western media has been in a tizzy ever since the downing of Flight MH17 and the anti-Russian rhetoric has been through the roof. VoR’s Andrew Korybko, sitting in for Peter Lavelle, hosts a discussion.

The tragic Malaysia Airlines plane crash, student loans and the Commonwealth Games are among the topics discussed by the former Kremlin adviser and political analyst Alexander Nekrassov, and Maggie Pagano, columnist for the Independent and the Financial News.

Hollywood, Sanctions, City of London, British banks, Russian oligarchs, Commonwealth Games

Even before a proper investigation has been conducted on the downing of MH17, Washington has laid blame on Russia. But where is the evidence? Peter Lavelle hosts a discussion.

Since the start of the political crisis in Ukraine, the West – particularly Washington – has stated that Russia must be ‘isolated’ on the international stage. This includes economic and financial sanctions. However, has Russia, in any meaningful way, become isolated? Peter Lavelle's international guests debate the question. 

The conviction of entertainer Rolf Harris for sex offences, why Prime Minister's Questions is a turnoff for Mumsnet and Dolly Parton miming at Glastonbury are some of the topics discussed by James Delingpole of Breitbart.com and Alexander Nekrassov, the former Kremlin advisor.

Iraq is again back in the news and in a big way. The sudden rise of the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq has not only caught Baghdad by surprise, but Washington as well. Peter Lavelle and his guests debate whether Iraq needs more western military intervention.


The march of Islamist militants in Iraq, the Swedish mini-summit attended by European leaders, the London mayor’s acquisition of water cannon and the so-called Trojan Horse plot in Birmingham schools are among the topics tackled by James Delingpole of breitbart.com and Alexander Nekrassov, the former Kremlin adviser. VoR's Brendan Cole chairs the discussion.

Kiev often talks of an undestanding with Moscow, but on the ground, the violence continues. In this edition of Debating Russia, Peter Lavelle asks whether the newly-elected President, Petr Poroshenko even has the power to change course.


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