The war in Afghanistan comes to an end and British troops finally leave.

AN: It was a waste of resources and human life. What I find amazing is that one of the commentators said that the British troops are leaving but they can’t leave a monument to the fallen soldiers, because it would get blown up the moment they leave. That says a lot about the British troops in Afghanistan. Once the Taliban come back, we might have another one.”

JR: “America is polarised because of the politics involved. It is a tragic situation - young men and women have been killed and you have to ask: ‘For what?’ History should not repeat itself, we should learn our lessons.”

MP: “453 young British people lost their lives and I don’t think any intervention is worth that.”

Home Office report that tough drug laws have little effect on drug use.

MP: “I am not sure, just because it doesn’t affect behaviour, that does not mean it should become legal. It needs to be made clear which sort of drugs. We know that long-term abuse of cannabis and opiates does affect behaviour, so from a health point of view, we should not be encouraging it.”

JR: “When you legalise, you keep the kids out of the justice system and that’s good. But what’s happened in Holland, is that the entry age has gone down from 12 to nine and that is really scary.”

AN: “There is no way you can stop drug use among the young as long as you allow celebrities, film and TV industry to promote it. We have had films like the Wolf of Wall Street which glamourises it. There has to be a system protecting the young from these celebs.”

The Queen’s sends her first tweet.

MP: “I can’t think why she is going to use it, it is bad PR advice, what can she possibly say?”

JR: “I don’t think the Queen is following the Queen, she is not doing the tweeting, Justin Bieber does not do his, Kim Kardashian doesn’t do hers.”

AN: “The giveaway is that they make sense on twitter whereas when they give interviews, you can’t understand anything they say.”

On migrants coming to the UK via Calais and the Foreign Office saying it will no longer support Europe-wide rescue missions for migrants coming to the EU from Africa.

AN: “What I don’t understand is why the French authorities allow these people come together in Calais and find ways to get across the Channel. The problem with all these benefits is that newspapers overseas publish articles that you can come to Britain and that you would have a life of luxury - imagine what these people think. We need to tackle these people who make up these stories.”

MP: “Why are they not policing their borders? We should be putting pressure on them to tighten up their own borders. I heard a story that people are coming into Greece from India and Pakistan and as they get to Greece they are breaking up the boats and pretending to be shipwrecked so they can be saved.”

JR: “Human trafficking around the world is a major business and you are talking about one million people in transit at any given time. A lot of these people are locked into containers and end up in the US and end up here in sweat shops as slaves - it is a horrendous problem.”