The new Archbishop was installed in two places in the Cathedral: the diocesan ‘cathedra’ in the Cathedral Quire as the bishop of the diocese of Canterbury, and the Chair of St Augustine as Archbishop of Canterbury.

Elizabeth Oldfield of think tank Theos said: Justin Welby is less of a theologian. He’s definitely more of a thinker but he’s not the type of person that would retreat to a Cambridge college after his period as archbishop. What we saw in Rowan Williams was an incredibly thoughtful, humble and intelligent man of character, even though he wasn’t very decisive.”

Andrew Gillover of the Lesbian and Gay Foundation said: “It’s great that the archbishop is meeting with Peter (Tatchell). It’s fantastic and hopefully the beginning of them having a more open dialogue with more groups and organisations.”

Writing in the Canterbury Times on the day of his inauguration, the new archbishop said: "Canterbury has been on a unique and special journey for centuries now.

"Recently it has thrived under the leadership of the Bishop of Dover – and it continues to evolve into what God is calling it to be. So I’m looking forward immensely to walking some of that journey with you.

"In particular I’m looking forward to visiting churches and being immersed in the life of this ancient diocese. I’m sure I will learn a great deal from you, and I’m looking forward to spending time with you in the months and years ahead."