Skolkovo: prototype of investment centers

The Skolkovo innovation center aims to form a favorable environment on Russian territory, which will add significantly to industrial modernization and the development of innovation projects.

Those participating in the Skolkovo project have a string of unique tax privileges, endorsed by the Tax Code of the Russian Federation. Also in force in Skolkovo is a string of customs preferences. Additionally, participants are allowed to invite foreign specialists on a red tape-free basis.

One of the Skolkovo Foundation’s goals is to contribute to interactions between the Russian economy and the leading global corporations.

The Skolkovo Foundation is also tasked with paving the way for uniting and developing intellectual resources. Skolkovo is to finally become an integral part of the Russian high-tech economy, which will include the Skolkovo center as such and a national network of satellite centers. The hope is that Skolkovo will be a prototype of other innovation centers, which are expected to mushroom across Russia in the immediate future.

New residents at Skolkovo
Fifteen Russian companies have been given the status of residents at the Skolkovo innovation center. The Innograd, which is being modeled on the American Silicon Valley, still exists in concept only, but the number of participants increases every month. The ceremonies of the conferment of the status of residents was presided over by Stephen Gaiger, Executive Director of Skolkovo.

Sberbank signs investment deal on Skolkovo project
The Central Bank of Russia - Sberbank – has been added now to the list of the residents of the Skolkovo Fund. Sberbank plans to investfrom 700 to 800 million dollars in the construction of the technopark and the data processing centre in the Skolkovo Innograd.

Skolkovo welcomes new residents
Russia’s Skolkovo research hub welcomes new residents – 21 companies have officially joined the project and got respective certificates from the president of the Skolkovo fund Viktor  Vekselberg. Among the newly joined are Russia’s aluminium giant Rusal, genetic engineering labs, pharma and IT companies.

GE sets up camp at Skolkovo
The General Electric corporation will establish a research centre in the Russian innovations town of Skolkovo. The respective agreement has been signed by the GE Chief Executive Jeffrey Immelt and the President of the Skolkovo Foundation Viktor Vekselberg. At the future research centre, GE will study energy efficiency, health care and information technology.

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