14 February 2014, 16:42

Is the US ready for a female President?

Is the US ready for a female President?

With the US presidential elections more than two years away, the 2016 presidential campaign is unofficially underway. Several major contenders are heating up the race. Despite the new names spicing up the US political life many analysts predict that 2016 is going to be Hillary Clinton's year. Voice of Russia discussing what's happening in the US political horizon is Andrew Lubin, a professor, author and journalist, and Joe Rice Johnson III, the head of Republicans Abroad.

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Professor Andrew Lubin:

I think the US is definitely ready for Hilary and a woman to be president of the US. President Obama inherited the worst economy really since 1929. He’s got that turned around. Stock markets hit record high, employment is improving slowly, but it is improving. Troops are out of Iraq, troops are coming back from Afghanistan. Afghanistan is a mess still, and will remain the mess, but it is not a mess that we can control, because now it is up to them to decide what they want.

I think the biggest part of President Obama’s foreign policy isn’t Iraq, isn’t Afghanistan, it is his pivot to the Pacific. Europe is mature and they don’t need our aid anymore. Russia is not going to invade Poland or Germany, so we can pull efforts into the Pacific. And Obama’s pivot to the Pacific probably in the next 20 years will be shown as one of the most classic moves in American history.

She’s got five years of Secretary of State where she did a great job. She’s got a speaking presence, which is very important, that she didn’t have seven or ten years ago. She used to be a shrill speaker, she would overwhelm people with her knowledge of the topic. And that’s going to help her a lot. She is more humanized than she was when her husband was president.

Joe Rice Johnson III:

The country, if not, may well be ready for a female president. I think the larger question is – it all depends on who is the opponent. I think that whether you are a democrat or a republican, you’ve got to be able to convince the voters what is in it for them. You know, how is this going to help me if I vote for you. And at the end of the day, those candidates who have demonstrated some solid achievements in domestic policies are the ones who are going to make great strides.

If the former Secretary of State runs for office, she is going to be a formidable candidate and I don’t think that anyone could deny that. I think she is going to have to demonstrate what she has done and what she can continue to bring to the table to move the balls on the field.

There are some people who are saying that she will not run. We’ll see. My guess is that if she runs, she is going to be a formidable candidate. If the Republicans nominate Jeb Bush, then I think you are looking at a clash of titans. I think that that will be a great race between those two. And if she runs, if anyone could beat her, it is probably going to be someone like Jeb Bush.

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