11 April 2014, 17:47

Thinking unwelcome in modern western-style culture

Thinking unwelcome in modern western-style culture
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Today we are talking about culture and thinking skills. Media, movies, television etc are controlled by the capitalists. There is no conspiracy. The power structure today is as we had 100 years ago. We are all products of human culture and it is about cash and making profits. Everything is sacrificed to that. An individual has no human value as a living breathing precious person. We have value only to the degree that we can be exploited. These are the thoughts of an American political analyst Mark Mason, who has shared with the Voice of Russia his vision on why the so-called postindustrial societies discourage their members from asking questions and developing critical thinking.

We have like five major cultural domains in our modern world – schools, the workplace, the mass media, popular culture and politics. And all of these five domains are controlled by wealth, by corporate power and by individual wealth.

Our socio-economic system, our thoughts, our attitudes that we are absorbing from birth onwards watching TV, attending schools, all these cultural contexts essentially give the same message that people should be obedient, follow orders. There is a term “team players”, which means following orders from hierarchical power system. People learn that they will be rewarded by paying attention to following orders from authorities, from school, from the workplace and this overflows into the mass media, the popular culture and politics as well.

The American educators in the 19th century took the Prussian military school and brought it to the US. And it is a highly regimented institution. The purpose of it is to instill obedience to authority and the stamp-out units will be happy in a factory or in a corporate cubical. If you can make it past the early years of college, then graduate school at a major university in the US and Western Europe really is a totally different environment.

That’s really going to be a serious problem in the future – to get through the regimentation of the early years to make it into these environments where science flourishes in the university system. We can look forward to in the future that we are not going to be as inventive or having these discoveries that we have had in the past century because of this context.

I think the most oppressed population on the planet is the US. We go around the world telling everybody that we are the freest nation in the world and we’ve got democracy, and all this stuff. We are the most controlled and oppressed people on the planet.

Everything is under control. The mass media is controlled. Popular culture is controlled. The richest 1% bought the 2012 election. They spent $6 billion dollars buying Washington DC. Every politician there is owned, they are temp employees of the Wall Street banks.

The US has an aristocracy, it has a royal family – the bankers of the Wall Street. They are the American aristocracy, we just use a different terminology for it. We are plutocrats instead of monarchs. But structurally, the power system is

identical. The orders are given on the Wall Street. The President of the US follows those orders and Congress follows those orders, and the people follow them also.

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