4 June 2013, 16:35

Stirring Vietnam…

12.01.2011 рисовое поле рисовые поля Вьетнам
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We’ll be looking at Vietnam. This Monday some of the US news outlets came up with flashy headlines about Rare Protest in Vietnam Raising a Call to Curb China.

How big were the protests? What policy does Vietnam follow in its relations with global heavyweights like China and the US? And what stakes do these superpower place on that country?

We are discussing these and other issues with our guest speakers Dr. Mathieu Duchatel, Senior Researcher and head of the China and International Peace and Security Project at Stockholm International Peace Research Institute Professor Ben Saul of Sydney Law School and Arthur Ding, Research Fellow with the Division of China Politics of the Institute of International Relations, at the National Chengchi University in Taipei, Taiwan (ROC).

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