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19 July 2014, 09:47
The city of Yalta on the southern coastline of the Crimean peninsula has long been known as the Russian Riviera. Boasting 250 sunny days a year, the city also has a unique combination of a spectacular setting and history. Besides being an alluring tourist destination, Yalta is also a health resort.
18 July 2014, 23:29
Scientists voice Yamal crater theories, Russia to increase defense and national security spending, Defense Ministry refutes involvement in downed Ukrainian fighter, Experts say U.S. sanctions against Russia more shock than substance, Israeli forces enter Gaza in ground assault, World leaders demand thorough investigation of downed commercial airliner. These issues in Voice of Russia's daily Press Review
Auteur: Peter Lekarev
18 July 2014, 23:00
In Voice of Russia's weekly entertaining show From Moscow With Love with its unrivaled hosts Vasily Strelnikov and Natalia Stefanova will tell you about the most interesting events in Moscow, Russia and the World. In this episode, Natasha dreams of Prince Charles, goes hiking again and makes potions to cure high blood pressure. Meanwhile, Vasily visits a 19th century estate, a vintage car collection museum, and catches a nasty cold. Also, listeners' letters and we follow up on a story we did earlier about an old, rusty television tower in Moscow, which may not have to be demolished after all!   
Authors: Vasily Strelnikov, Natalia Stefanova
18 July 2014, 21:33
In previous edition of Voice of Russia's '.RU' - daily Runet review we've mentioned the customs service debacle in which one Russian e-shopper found himself, he purchased an Android phone which was not officially sold in Russia through a European e-retailer. Listen on air and read more on Voice of Russia's daily Runet review '.RU' at en.ria.ru/radio_dotru/.
Auteur: Peter Lekarev
18 July 2014, 21:08
During the meeting with ambassadors and heads of diplomatic missions in Moscow at the beginning of July the Russian President has outlined the priorities of Russia's foreign policy. Touching upon Russia's relations with China, Vladimir Putin said they shouldn't threaten Russia's relations with other Asia-Pacific countries, including Vietnam, India and Japan, who are being concerned about China’s assertive foreign policy. Vyacheslav Matuzov, a former diplomat, and an international affairs analyst and Gleb Ivaschentsev, a former ambassador of Russia to South Korea, and Deputy Head of the Russia Apec studies center share their thoughts on the issue with the Voice of Russia's Agree or Disagree.
Auteur: Marina Dzhashi
18 July 2014, 20:44
Ukraine is looking forward to creating a joint military unit with two NATO member countries -- Poland and Lithuania. Would that imply that NATO is openly stepping into the Ukrainian conflict? And what kind of missions would the unit get - provided it is created? Radio VR is discussing it with Mateusz Piskorski,Head of the European Center for Geopolitical Analysis, and Kirill Koktysh,political analyst, based with MGIMO University, in Moscow, Russia.
Auteur: Ekaterina Kudashkina
18 July 2014, 20:40
Let’s have a look at the Ukraine situation. The US Department of State has made another attempt to exonerate Kiev from responsibility for what's happening in eastern Ukraine. Jen Psaki, spokesperson for the United States Department of State, predictably accused Russia of failing to provide sufficient evidence confirming that Ukraine was indeed behind the July 13 cross-border mortar shelling in which a Russian citizen, a father of four, was killed.
Auteur: Peter Lekarev
18 July 2014, 20:28
Lunar simulation experiment kicks off in Moscow, OSCE experts come to Rostov, Hamas proposed cease-fire conditions, Gambling remains unpopular in Russia, Russia to reopen intelligence base in Cuba, Airstrikes in Pakistan kill at least 50 people. These issues in Voice of Russia's daily Press Review.
Auteur: Peter Lekarev
18 July 2014, 09:21
Forty percent of the Russian population smokes, of which 60 percent being men and more than 20 percent women. Among youth, one-fourth smoke. Thus, the country has one of the highest male smoking rates in the world and one of the highest youth smoking rates in Eastern Europe.
Auteur: Oksana Teplinskaya
17 July 2014, 09:15
Now that smoking in Russia has been banned in public places, owners of office spaces might feel the affect as well. This sector though has been facing this problem for a year already, as it's the previous anti-tobacco package that banned smoking in offices and workplaces last summer. As a result, it is increasingly common to see office managers smoking outdoors in all weather conditions across Russian cities now.
Auteur: Oksana Teplinskaya
16 July 2014, 20:24
A need to decide on fresh sanctions against Russia placed the EU between a rock and a hard place. With the US pressing hard for punishing Moscow over its alleged role in Ukraine, EU nations feel the step could affect their economic growth. Nine EU states, including France, Germany and Italy, indicated they would block the decision to impose more sanctions on Russia.
Auteur: Ekaterina Kudashkina
16 July 2014, 18:18
Why would lawmakers need their own social network? According to Igor Lebedev, deputy speaker of the lower house of parliament – the State Duma – currently there are two hundred forty five thousand deputies of all levels in Russia – and they are not integrated enough. According to the spokesman, the complexity of solving political issues requires professional cooperation – that’s why deputies and experts should have one platform to freely talk to each other without distractions. 
Auteur: Peter Lekarev
16 July 2014, 18:04
Russia may forgo using imported medical hardware, First subway accident theories voiced, EU to introduce stricter visa regulations, Kremlin seeks research on foreign electoral systems, Deal to end Afghan election crisis in trouble, Israel resumes air strikes. These issues in Voice of Russia's daily Press Review.
Auteur: Peter Lekarev
16 July 2014, 15:59
Statistics say that in the weeks since Russia's ban on smoking in eateries went into effect at the start of last month, restaurant and bar revenues have dropped by up to 20 percent. The data might also be worrisome for hotel owners. Apart from being one of the world’s biggest tobacco-consuming countries, Russia is among the top travel spots.
Auteur: Oksana Teplinskaya
15 July 2014, 20:11
BRICS countries are about to contest the global over-reliance on the US financial system and strengthen international legislation, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview on the eve of the Sixth BRICS summit in Fortaleza, BrazilCould BRICS countries challenge the old and crumbling unipolar world order? Is the Sixth BRICS Summit likely to suggest a solution?
Auteur: Ekaterina Kudashkina
15 July 2014, 16:33
The ban on smoking in restaurants, cafes and bars is going to be one of the most effective ways to curb smoking in Russia, Health Ministry officials think. However, restaurateurs are certain that the measure will mostly likely cut their business, rather than radically reduce the number of smokers.
Auteur: Oksana Teplinskaya