16 July 2014, 10:27

President Vladimir Putin's approval ratings have climbed unprecedentedly high

President Vladimir Putin's approval ratings have climbed unprecedentedly high

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ratings have risen unprecedentedly high thanks to a new Putin majority that has formed in the Russian society over the recent years, according to a report of the Political Analysis Center to be presented at ITAR-TASS on Wednesday.

"Since March 2014, we can positively speak about a new Putin majority," Pavel Danilin, head of the Political Analysis Center, said. In his words, it can be attributed both to a positive political situation after Crimea’s accession to Russia and politicization of Putin’s electorate.

"The Putin majority is evolving as a social coalition for sustainable development, where each social group develops its ways of joining the majority," the authors of the report "New Putin Majority: Critical, Pragmatic, Non-indifferent and Patriotic" said.

According to a public opinion poll conducted for the Political Analysis Center, eighteen percent of respondents said their attitude towards Putin had become more positive over the past two years, while only four percent stated otherwise.

The recent researches show that Putin is winning more and more support among managers and people with higher education (support growth of 48% and 25%, respectively). Apart from that, the president’s popularity is growing among residents of the capital city and other big cities and students (35% growth), among pensioners (31% growth), public servants (36% growth). Allegations about aging of the presidential electorate turned out to be ungrounded. Also president traditionally enjoys the support from the military, women and elderly people.

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