16 July 2014, 15:48

Death of Russian citizen in cross-border shelling not enough to call Kiev to account - Psaki

Death of Russian citizen in cross-border shelling not enough to call Kiev to account - Psaki

The US Department of State has made another attempt to exonerate Kiev from responsibility for what's happening in eastern Ukraine.

Briefing reportes on July 15, State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki commented on the recent shelling of Russian territory from the Ukrainian side of the border and the follow-up visit to the scene by a group of foreign military attaches who had been specially invited on a fact-finding trip organized by Russia.

Psaki predictably accused Russia of failing to provide sufficient evidence confirming that Ukraine was indeed behind the July 13 cross-border mortar shelling in which a Russian citizen, a father of four, was killed.

The Ukrainian side has denied its involvement in the incident and there are no grounds to distrust it, Psaki said.

Meanwhjile, the US military attache who visited the scene along with his foreign colleagues is due to present his report about the trip early next week.

Psaki, who was not at the scene, nevertheless called the trip inconclusive.

"The US Embassy defense attache received an invitation from the Russian Ministry of Defense to visit the Rostov region, accepted the invitation. The Ukrainian Government, as I noted, has of course, denied these allegations. The trip and the itinerary was controlled by the Russian Government without input from the participants. It wasn’t conclusive in our view," Psaki said.

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