16 July 2014, 10:17

Croatia hopes economic sanctions on Russia can be avoided

Croatia hopes economic sanctions on Russia can be avoided

Zagreb is hopeful economic sanctions on Russia can be avoided, Croatian Ambassador in Moscow Igor Pokaz said.

"As to the possible launch of a new phase of sanctions on Russia, we are still hopeful that will not happen," he said in an interview with Interfax. The ambassador pointed out that Zagreb did not recognize Russia's incorporation of Crimea.

"Being a part of the European Union, Croatia shares its principles and denies recognition to the Crimean accession to Russia. As long as the European Union holds this position regarding Crimea, Croatia will be sharing it as a part of the Union," he emphasized.

"This is a common position of European countries; we still regard Crimea as a part of Ukraine and we will not do business with the Russian companies operating on the peninsula," Pokaz said.

The ambassador said also that the existent sanctions on Russia had impacted Russian tourist arrivals in Croatia.

"We issued fewer visas to Russian citizens this year than we did in the previous year," he said, adding that another reason for a decline in tourism was the economic crisis.

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